Wendy Williams Responds to Reports Claiming Her Husband is Cheating on Her

Photo Credit: Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

Yesterday, news broke of Kevin Hunter’s rumored cheating allegations via the Daily Mail.

In the scathing exposé, Wendy Williams’ husband is accused of having a 32-year-old mistress and moving her into a home down the street from the home he shares with Wendy.

In fact, the publication is accusing Kevin of cheating with this woman for ten years.

Well, during her talk show this morning, Wendy decided to dress the latest allegations.

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  1. What is her flashing her wedding ring supposed to prove? We know she’s married. The issue is her husband has been accused of having a ten year affair and the receipts are plentiful.

  2. She’s pathetic. That woman is not a family friend. He’s smashing and that’s why his name is on the mail with hers.

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