Khia Comes for K Michelle

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle made headlines when she revealed that her doctor informed her that she may have Lupus, and her health issues are why she and her partner decided to use a surrogate to have twins.

Many took to social media to offer their support, but rapper Khia seems to be suspicious and called K out on a recent edition of her podcast, “Next Caller.”

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  1. I know we were just talking about how Azealia is a troll that should be ignored. Well Khia is much worst. And much more vicious.

  2. This woman is a hot mess. Lupus has nothing to do with her using a surrogate. K said that she wants twins and her frame is too small to carry them. Furthermore, she also stated that her dr said she may have lupus but, then said it was a misdiagnosis. At any rate, she definitely doesn’t have to explain anything about her personal life to anyone. She’s free to share what she likes without further explanation or conversation. Khia just wants beef like Azelia did with Cardi to get some camera time and publicity. If I was K I’d ignore her stupid self. Smh ?

  3. Those of you waiting on K to respond will be waiting forever. She does not clap back at people she knows will go lower than she is willing to go. Khia will chew her up and spit her back out. It’s best to ignore.

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