‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Jacob Confronts Isaiah at the Cotillion + Mae Kicks James Out

Mae finds Mavis’ deed for the club, and her granddaughters get ready for their cotillion.

The season finale opens with Charity on stage during the Tamela Mann tour, and Mae is going through a lock box of memories. This includes a newspaper article of her brother’s Man of the Year Award.

Zora is finding a cotillion dress and James is having Maricel clean out his closet. Zora’s seamstress discovers the bruises on her arm. At the end of the performance, Jabari and Charity exchange eye contact and smile.

James moves out of their master bedroom.

Grace runs into Maricel and is told that James is moving into the guest suite. Meanwhile, Mae gives Sophia and Zora her pearl necklace. Suddenly, Isaiah honks, alerting Zora that he is outside. When Zora leaves, Mae and Sophia admit they don’t like Isaiah.

When Mae is at the church, she’s with her secretary when Mavis gives her a call. Mae tells Mavis that she may still own her club.

As Mae is getting ready for the cotillion, Kevin stops by to apologize. However, Mae isn’t really receptive. She grills him for abandoning Charity and their son. But he tells her that even though he left, he has rights to see his child. Mae informs him that Charity is out of town on tour, so she will be in touch when she feels like talking. When Mae has Kevin’s car bought around, he calls Aaron and tells him he needs his help.

The cotillion gets off without a hitch for the Greenleafs.

At the cotillion, the family is taking pictures. Isaiah tells Zora that he has a limo, but gets angry when Zora tells him she can’t hang out with him afterwards.

When James and Mae take their picture, they begin to argue. Grace and Jacob see it, and Jacob tells Grace not to worry about it. The debutantes are introduced with their fathers and begin to dance.

Meanwhile, Tasha takes the time to apologize to Tasha for everything that happened between them. When Mae walks away, Rochelle walks next to her and they exchange eye contact.

It is revealed that Rochelle is Basie Skank’s sister. Tasha reminds Rochelle to stay on task and become James’ weakness. Rochelle admits she’s having difficulties getting James to fall for her.

At the hotel, Jabari and Charity are on a date after the show. After he praises her performance, they exchange a kiss.

Rochelle walks up to James and tells lays it on thick. However, James declines her advances.

Isaiah is confronted by Jacob for his abuse towards Zora.

Jacob and Kerissa are watching Zora and Isaiah dance. Jacob wants to loosen up on her, and allow her to gout with Isaiah after the cotillion ends. However, Kerissa tells him that she found a condom in Zora’s room. Jacob is speechless after Kerissa tells him that Zora is having s*x with Isaiah. Meanwhile, Isaiah and Zora argue about her parents finding out about them having s*x. Isaiah then storms off, and Zora runs after him. Sophia follows them, and sees Isaiah slap Zora. A shocked Sophia goes and tells Jacob, who ends up punching Isaiah and knocking him to the floor. Zora gets upset and tries to convince Jacob that Isaiah didn’t hit her. Jacob ignores her and continues to go off on Isaiah.

“You better be happy I didn’t kill you boy.” – Jacob

Zora is embarrassed and runs to the bathroom to get away from her family. Jacob and James stay behind as Grace, Kerissa, Sophia and Mae head to the bathroom to console her.

James tells Jacob that he doesn’t feel what Jacob did was wrong.

“I would have done the same thing.” – James

Isaiah calls Zora while she is in the bathroom, tells her he loves her and asks Zora to run away with him. Zora tells him she can’t and ends the phone call.

Jabari breaks through Charity’s wall.

Meanwhile, Charity and Jabari are in their hotel room, and she is in red lingerie. When she gets into the bed, she gets real nervous. She tells Jabari that she’s only ever slept with Kevin. She also is self-conscious about her c-section scar. He asks to see the scar and kisses it. They proceed to have s*x.

Later that night, Mae heads over to Mavis’ house.  She is packing up her things. Mae is displeased that Mavis is moving out of the country. She wants Mavis to stay, but Mavis isn’t budging.

As they begin to argue, Mae brings up Mavis and James sleeping with each other. After Mae says that she knows it only happened one time, Mavis drops a bomb.

“One time? Is that what he told you. I can’t even count the times I threw your husband out of here.” – Mavis

When Mavis tells Mae that James never loved her and only married her for image reasons, Mae quips, “What I think he chose, is a wife. What does that make you?”

Mae then leaves.

James is kicked out of the mansion.

The next day, James wakes up and takes his medication. Jacob goes to apologize and talk to Zora. However, he quickly discovers that Zora ran away with Isaiah when he can’t locate her in the house and Kerissa confirms that Isaiah’s parents can’t locate him either.

When Mae returns to the mansion, she demands James leaves the house.

“You told me it only happened one time.” – Mae

James replies, “So be it.”

Grace is stunned as she witnesses this conversation. She apologizes to Mae for James’ actions but Mae rejects her sympathy as she walks away and tries to hold her emotions together.

Grace then gets a call from Kerissa and is informed that Isaiah and Zora can’t be found.

The episode ends with James walking into Rochelle’s condo at the Biltmore Hotel.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I’m sorry about Zora but, James is an ole fool what in the world would that young woman want with a sick ole man and that’s what he needs to recall when he starts thinking about Rochelle he will save himself from wrath………..

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