‘Greenleaf’ Series Finale Recap: James’ Fate is Revealed + Grace Makes a Major Decision

Greenleaf Series Finale
Photo Credit: OWN

The series finale of Greenleaf gets off to a rather somber note.

James’ fate is revealed and it leaves Lady Mae devastated. The whole family is left speechless once they learn the shocking news. Meanwhile, Grace gets a surprising phone call from an associate in New York City.

This person wants to offer Grace a prominent job in TV. Grace then struggles with the notion of leaving her family behind once more.

Jacob also meets with Darryl James’ daughter Tara. Tara gives Jacob and the Greenleafs good news in light of everything. Lastly, AJ and Noah get some good news of their own and the Calvalry board wants Mae to preach. This leads to AJ making a surprising choice and Mae getting something she always wanted.

Here’s the recap for, “Behold.”

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