‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley’s Mom Visits + Aunt Vi Comes to Terms with Her Health

Charley and Davis’ divorce is finalized, and Nova scares and angers her readers.

Darla and Ralph Angel are walking in a park, talking about a movie they’ve just seen. They are celebrating their recent wedding engagement. Darla expresses regret in not finishing school. However, she is happy where she is with RA. They kiss in the park.

Meanwhile, Charley gets a text from Aunt Vi, telling her about a news story about her divorce from Davis. Remy stops by her place to check in. She tells Remy, “I can finally breathe again.” He then invites her out to have some Gumbo.

Nova is with Robert when he brings her a gift. It’s a piece of fossilized and polished amber. He’s proud of her story about a possible Zika outbreak in the lower ninth ward. Aunt Vi is gossiping about Charley’s divorce with her hair dresser. The hair dresser points out that her hair is falling out. Aunt Vi gets uncomfortable and tells her that it’s probably because she’s been wearing too many wigs. Her hair stylist urges her to see a doctor.

Charley and Remy are really enjoying their date, walking around New Orleans in the rain as Remy holds the umbrella. During their date, Charley’s mom calls and tells her she is in Louisiana.

Hollywood is working his new job at the construction site and he meets someone from the oil rigs.

Charley meets her mom at a restaurant. She apologizes for taking so long to see her amid her divorce from Davis.

Robert gives Nova sound advice. 

Nova’s “friend” Chantal criticizes her about the Zika virus article, and brushes off Robert after he tries to speak to her. When Chantal leaves, Nova begins to question Robert’s involvement in her work .

He tells Nova not to “doubt her integrity.”

Nova begins to wonder if she went too far.

“You once told me you want to save lives. Don’t lose sight of that.” – Robert

While Hollywood is exchanging stories with his fellow oil rig veteran, he crosses paths with the Landrys. He begins to get nervous, because he knows the kind of damage the Landrys can do.

Ralph Angel and Darla spread the good news, and Charley’s mom gets critical. 

Meanwhile, RA walks into the house, and sees Darla and Blue in the kitchen. He is working on a family tree for school. Blue questions when Darla’s parents got married. They then tell him they are getting married and Blue expresses his excitement.

Later on, Robert returns from a workout and learns about a Q & A Chantal is planning about the Zika Virus.

RA and Blue stop by Nova’s place for photos of his grandmother. When Robert leaves out, she heads over and finds a photo of their mom. Blue also spills the beans of Darla and RA getting married.

Charley is showing her mom the loft. Her mom mentions that she is now competing with Davis for Micah. However, Charley tells her mom that Micah likes it at her condo. She also criticizes Charley’s choices she’s been making. Charley’s mother can’t understand why she won’t manager other athletes and leave the sugar cane business alone. However, Charley says, “I’m happy.”

Aunt Vi is with the inspector and he is impressed with how she’s turned around the restaurant. However, she begins to get light-headed when signing the paperwork.

Hollywood gets an offer to stay on his current job and keep his current crew working at the construction site. He’s excited about the possibility of running his own crew. However, he asks for time to think about it.

Micah talks with Davis about Charley finding out about the assault. 

Davis is with Micah and he feels Micah should tell Charley about the incident with the police. Micah isn’t ready to do it, and says that she can’t handle it. However, Davis tells Micah that she can.

“Being a parent is not just about the good stuff. And that’s something your mother understands.” – Davis

As Charley gives her mom a tour of the sugar mill, she doesn’t think this is a good idea.

“My question is will you be satisfied with this?” – Charley’s mom (Mona Prescott)

Charley and Mona run into Remy and he explains what he does at the Mill. Charley’s mom immediately notices that Charley and Remy are an item and jumps at a chance to get to know him.

Nova is at the community Q & A, and it turns into a grilling session. The community members are mad about the article. Meanwhile, Charley gets a call from Davis. He wants to meet.

Later on, Nova stops by and sees Robert examining a child, calming down his mom about the Zika virus. Nova seems to be reassured by Robert’s ability to calm down the mom while explaining things about the virus.

Darla and Ralph Angel head over to Aunt Vi’s place to tell her and Hollywood that they are getting married. Hollywood instantly congratulates them, but Aunt Vi is unsure at first.

“Marriage is for forever, y’all.” – Aunt Vi

Charley and Davis are meeting Micah, and she is livid at the news about Micah’s ordeal with the officer.

“Micah, we have to fight!” – Charley

However, Micah wants to put it behind him and Davis agrees. Charley, on the other hand, wants to go after the police department. Davis is eventually able to get Charley to see where Micah is coming from and reluctantly agrees.

As everyone celebrates Darla and Ralph Angel’s engagement, Charley is mum after learning about Micah’s assault.

Aunt Vi throws Darla and RA a surprise party to celebrate their engagement. Charley is there and she congratulates them both. Robert calls Nova and tells her that her story inspired a philanthropist to issue a six-figure grant to fight the virus in the Lower 9th Ward.

Charley isn’t really in a celebratory mood. Remy asks why her mom don’t show up and she tells him that she and Aunt Vi don’t get along.

She also reveals that her mother was supposed to stay out of New Orleans per Aunt Vi’s request.

Hollywood gives Aunt Vi the good news about the job offer. However, he notices something wrong with Aunt Vi. He asks her if she is okay and she keeps insisting she is. Despite how she feels, she and Darla appear to squash their beef amid the engagement news.

As Nova tells Charley that Aunt Vi wants them to settle things with RA about the farm, she tells Charley about the incident with Micah.

Darla is in tears, calling her parents to tell them that she is getting married to RA and she’s been clean for two years. However, she gets their voicemail and leaves these details in an emotional message.

RA and Darla thank everyone for showing up, and throwing the surprise party and being there for them.

Charley tells her mom about what happened to Micah. Charley feels like she failed to protect him from what happened.

“I didn’t prepare him for living in the south.” – Charley

As Mona tries to be empathetic of Charley’s frustrations, Charley reveals that she does not feel her mom understands her. She feels she doesn’t get her blackness, and tells Mona that she felt she had to manage her blackness.

“You can’t understand it.” – Charley

Her mom tells her that she did the best she could, like she did for Micah.

“That’s why I sent you here during the summer, so you would know where you came from, and have that identity.” – Mona

Charley, however, retorts that she still didn’t know how to be black growing up, and her mom, who’s white, couldn’t grasp that.

“But that wasn’t enough. Like there was no room for it. It was something I put on a few weeks a year. I know you don’t understand that.” – Charley

Mona asks why, and Charley responds, “Because you can’t.”

Mona then tells her, “I’m here for you now,” hugging her.

The episode ends with Aunt Vi looking very nervous while waiting on her doctor.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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