Misster Ray Talks Being Attacked by Zell at Reunion + Pressing Charges

Misster Ray and Zell Swag have been going back and forth with each other since the beginning of season four of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.”

They have almost come to blows on a number of occasions during filming, but things did end up getting physical during the reunion.

When Zell got up to offer a hug after both agreed to a truce, Zell ended up attacking him when he got close enough instead.

This brought Misster Ray to tears and in a recent interview with The Root, he opens up about the situation.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

TG: The internet has been exploding ever since viewers witnessed that violent sneak attack you encountered from Zellswag during Part 1 of the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood reunion. How have you processed the fact that millions saw you assaulted on television and what have you done to address the incident?

MR: The altercation was an out-of-body experience. Everything I cared about flashed before my eyes. I had one second to either be semi-rational in a hostile environment, or stoop to his level and lose everything that I’ve worked hard to obtain in my long-standing career. Our host, Nina Parker, Monami Entertainment, VH1 and Eastern production staff, and cast, were fully supportive when I came back on stage to say my peace. I pride myself on not lowering my morals to engage in physical violence. I have filed paperwork in NYC with the New York Police Department and it’s currently in process of being handled. Violence is never acceptable in any form. We were given this opportunity to be on a largely successful platform to promote our brands, and unfortunately some people taint the brand and overshadow what the purpose of show is with foolishness.

Misster Ray also wants to make it clear that he feels that being violent on TV isn’t required to be successful:

TG: What is one piece of wisdom you would give other Black LGBTQ people who are interested in navigating within the entertainment industry?

MR: The main thing that I want to let every person in the LGBTQ community know is that success doesn’t have a size preference, color, or type. You do not have to act foolish, or engage in physical violence on reality television to be successful. Success comes from determination and not allowing [others’] preference dictate what you allow yourself to do.

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  1. But he’s been messy all season. Neither him nor Zell are innocent in any of this. It’s so weird to me how everyone tried to play like they were so outraged about what Zell did when many of them are just as messy as he is. And didn’t Moniece attack Fizz’s ex while she was off guard too? So it’s okay for Moniece but wrong for Zell. Oh.

    1. Yooo this! I was telling my bo the same thing. Word for word. Plus zell been was trying to fight mr.Ray so it should have never been a surprise…

  2. I honestly thought Zell and Ray were funny at first, but it became a bit too much for me. It got really childish after a while.

  3. No, gays don’t have to be ridiculous to be on these reality shows, but most do, including Misster Ray. I didn’t forget how he was on Twitter calling Zell a monkey and making fun of “single mother struggle” on Twitter. I also didn’t forget that he tried to fight Zell twice before the reunion and even tried to throw a shoe at him. This man is not some symbol of class. He just ran into someone much worse and wants to play victim. Hopefully he will chill out and stay out of mess next season since he says he has too much to lose.

  4. He’s pulling a Kenya Moore. He’s equally as messy as Zell but just like Porsha, he walked right into the trap and probably won’t be invited back next season. Well played.

  5. Now I appreciate that he understands that gays don’t need to be walking stereotypes to stay booked on these reality shows, but he really has been a walking stereotype. And he’s close to Masika, one of the nastiest people on the show, so he really can’t pretend to be some positive person when that’s clearly not the reality. He loves the drama and he was very involved in all of it, by choice. Zell went too far but let’s not get carried away and act like he’s innocent. Zell does act desperate though. So if he ends up getting fired, he did all of that for nothing.

  6. I’m sorry but I don’t see why people like Zell. You can tell he’s thirsty for fame and he’s way too messy for me. Misster Ray proved you can use your words and fighting isn’t necessary. Zell embarrassed himself because nobody except Alexis agreed with what he did. And she’s a fool. And I have to agree he’s a lot like Porsha. But hopefully Mona will do what Bravo should have done and actually fire him.

  7. Its quite baffling how peeple act soo upset when things get physical when the entire show is name calling, drink throwing, pretend attacks that security breaks up.

  8. L&HH is known for it’s violence. So why did he do the show? The only people who Mona won’t force to be messy is those who have actual brands outside of the show a la Keyshia, Remy, etc. She expects this from everyone else.

  9. This guy! What a hypocrite! It’s no wonder he’s such good “friends” with Messy-ka. He was the first to try to attack Zell on the show. Throwing drinks, throwing food, throwing heavy shade. Promoting violence and bullying in almost every scene he was in. Please! You can’t make yourself a victim after you’ve done all of that. He can think he’s above Zell, he can think he’s Mr. Classy Fancy Pants… but the reality is he and Zell’s behavior is exactly the same.

  10. Mr. Ray is a big cry baby, Zell is a bully. I been bored with the two of them all season, they need not come back next season and just like they cleaned house in nyc, they need to clean Hollywood get rid of the dead weight. Masika bored me, Alexis Sky can go back to wherever as well. Send Cisco back to NY.. either give Fizz something to do or he can go too, him and Moniece. i’m sick of them too……………lol

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