LHHH Star Misster Ray Claps Back After NeNe Leakes Calls Robyn Dixon Starless

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Robyn Dixon has been receiving a lot of backlash from RHOP fans.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon continues to be a hot topic on social media due to her latest controversy. On the current season of RHOP, Robyn accused Karen Huger of being fake. Karen responded by saying that Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s wedding is fake. And she went on to allege that Juan and Robyn’s relationship isn’t real. Karen also accused Juan of having a girlfriend whom Robyn knows about. Robyn said that this was the first time she’d heard that Juan has a girlfriend. However, she made an interesting revelation on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast with Gizelle Bryant.

Hours after it was confirmed that Juan and Robyn remarried recently, a woman came forward with some accusations. She alleged that she had been in communication with Juan until January of last year. She also gave Blogger Georgio Says a copy of a hotel invoice with Juan’s personal details on it.

When Robyn addressed the situation on her podcast, she confirmed that Juan had been in contact with the woman. However, she denied that they slept together. But the situation was still something that she and Juan had to work through. And when it comes to the hotel invoice, Robyn said she would explain that on Patreon.

Well, Robyn’s comments didn’t sit well with a lot of RHOP fans. So she had a lot of explaining to do on “Watch What Happens Live.” Andy Cohen had a lot of questions for her. Ahead of Robyn’s appearance on WWHL, she promoted the episode on Instagram. And she did so by referring to the “star-less” comment made by NeNe Leakes.

Misster Ray clapped back in defense of Robyn Dixon.

As we reported, NeNe called Robyn and Gizelle starless when she appeared on “The Breakfast Club.” In her opinion, Gizelle and Robyn aren’t stars. And the real stars of the “Real Housewives” shows were mainly pushed off of their platforms. NeNe feels she was wrongly pushed off “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In the caption, Robyn wrote, “‘The Starless Robyn Dixon’ is in the hot seat tonight alongside the intelligent and amazing @ebonikwilliams on #WWHL @bravowwhl 😆😝.”

“Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” and “College Hill” star Ray “Misster Ray” Cunningham responded to the post. He wrote,😂😂😂 starless vs jobless.”

Some of NeNe’s supporters were not happy about Ray’s comment. But he stood firm after someone told him he should sit this one out.

In response, Ray wrote, “I’m not sitting out of **** I was on the 1st EVER black reality show so if it wasn’t for me and my show mates – it wouldn’t be NONE of this. Carry on.

This isn’t the first time Ray has had Robyn’s back publicly. He also defended her after the woman’s claims about Juan first took off.


  1. Robyn is still starless. She is also the weakest link. Robyn said that she didn’t know about Jaun having a girlfriend during filming, only to say afterwards she was waiting for someone to bring it up. Which was it? Nene maybe jobless but she is more famous than both of them.

    1. Exactly 💯💯💯💯 All jokes aside though people didn’t even listen to the entire interview… she was guest hosting on Power 105.1 that day and she was ASKED….about who she considers “stars “ on the housewives franchise . They were basically asking her who she would consider a “star” and who is just know . She even said kandi vs someone like Robyn or Gizzelle or even Teresa are known yes but are they Stars outside the show or franchise or being a bravolebrity then yeahhh NO… people want to run with their feelings hurt or hurt behind their friends feelings and just be going oh trying to be shady for clickbait Lmfaoooo meanwhile that lady said what she said and still don’t care

    2. Nene is infamous not famous and infamous is not a good thing. Ppl especially yts like her because she a buffoon big mouth black woman with a blonde wig on.

      1. And Robyn is a boring white woman on a flop real housewives show barely anyone watches. Your point? NeNe is a celebrity whether you like her or not. She is very much celebrated and even has her own exhibits in museums. That infamous crap you’re talking about was shattered with Kim K and her annoying a-s family.

        1. What museum nene at🤣the has been🤣she didn’t even like herself have you seen her lately looks like whole different person. Not hating bc I would change a couple of things if I had money but d-mn not everything like her.

          1. NeNe actually has her own exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. She is a celebrity. But you probably don’t like yourself either considering most people have low self esteem. None of that is relevant to the discussion at hand though.

          1. I’m embarrassed that you’re grown and have no idea what colorism actually is. But back on topic, Robyn is not a “light-skinned BLACK woman.” She’s not even 60 percent black according to her own words. She’s 39 percent black and her DNA test results are on her IG page. She is not black or light skinned.

      1. No, NeNe is famous. You just don’t like her and don’t want to give credit where it’s due. NeNe literally became an actress, worked on broadway and has a whole exhibit dedicated to her in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture. That is famous, not known. LOL.

    3. Yesss Trina I agree, Robyn in my book is to BEAUTIFUL outside, but HER insides R truly UGLY… A person who living in a glass house shouldn’t even think about throwing any STONES.. redesign your house b4 hand.. Everyone outside looking in see Juan don’t want her, and those kids R at the age where they will and can see for themselves is this what you teaching your children how to treat someone they suppose to love..Robyn stop being Messy, Petty N Stupid and get your life in order..N Misster Ray NeNe may be jobless but she WASN’T AND IS NOT NOBODY’S FOOL…

  2. You got it so wrong Misster Ray! Many are stars IN SPITE OF YOU! You weren’t all that then and you aren’t all that now. So do us all a favor and sit yourself down. Ain’t nobody really checking for you like that. Next!!

    1. You checked him good and I don’t know who he is but EVERYBODY knows who Nene is.
      Granted she has changed a lot, I would what her over anyone mention here foe sure.
      She would get Robyn and Gizelle together so quick the green eye monsters won’t know
      what hit them because they won’t be over talking Nene.

      1. @SexyLexie1217 I love me some NeNe too! You and I must be the only ones. NeNe gets so much hate. I loved your “…green eye monsters…” reference! It’s hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 Your comments always slam. 🥰

  3. Ray needs to sit he’s self down. I bet his sacry ass wouldn’t say it to NeNe face. Robyn is starless. She’s always been in the shadow of Gazelle. She lies obviously 🙄. She doesn’t have a mind of her own. Because Wendy laughed at what Karen was saying, she’s done. Good be done . She’s just mad because what Karen said was true. Oh and Ray NeNe is doing well, how about you.

  4. Karen tops nene any day. Karen has the looks,money self respect. But most of all she is a LADY. Nene mouth is the size of Grand Canyon!!! 😄

  5. Ray has a right to defend his friend and be proud of his career BUT let’s not be delusional. While he’s being shady about NeNe not being on RHOA anymore, I’m sure he’d love it if he could switch resumes with NeNe. NeNe is one of the only reality stars who used her platform to become a bonafide celebrity. Sis was actually a regular cast member on Glee, did Broadway, and she’s a household name. Sure, Bravo may have fired her. But that doesn’t negate her accomplishments. Robyn needs RHOP. NeNe is still wealthy and famous without RHOA.

  6. I like Ray, but he wasn’t even on the 1st Season of College Hill, he didn’t even come on until the 3rd season.

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