Watch: Wendy Williams Faints During Live Taping of Talk Show

Photo Credit: Youtube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Daytime talk queen Wendy Williams is trending on social media this morning, and it’s all because she had a heath scare during live taping of today’s show.

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  1. Some people think this was way more than passing out and being too hot in a costume. I hope she’s ok and this isn’t something much worse.

    1. She looked so terrified too like she knew it was much serious than she’s letting on. I don’t always agree with her on topics, but I want her to take care of herself. Our lives and health will always be more important than our careers.

  2. Wendy needs to go see a doctor ASAP. I don’t think that was fainting. The slurring of her words…man…go to the doctor now Wendy.

  3. Bullsh-t. If the costume made her too hot, why didn’t she take that sh-t off? I think something more serious happened and they are trying to cover it up. That’s fine but she needs to see a doctor ASAP. It looks like she had a mini stroke. And you don’t play around with that.

  4. I can see why people think she had a stroke. Hopefully she went to a doctor to get looked at and will rest for the remainder of the day.

  5. I think she’s ok y’all. She was just in shock…she couldn’t believe she was fainting. Wendy has always been dramatic. I don’t think she has a stroke.

  6. When I tell you there are so many conspiracy theories about this…some are even saying she had too much coke. People are a damn hoot.

  7. Everyone is pretending that Wendy is not an actress. This fake fainting was sooo poorly illustrated it looked like a scene from a low budget movie. We know Wendy how bad you want people to stop talking sh-t about your low down man and to feel sympathy for you but to fake a faint gtfoh

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