‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Hollywood Learns About Aunt Vi’s Ailment + Remy Gets Jealous

Ralph Angel Runs Away.

Ralph angel is reeling from the news he received about Blue from Darla. The fact that Blue may not be his biological son hit him really hard. Darla is apologizing for what she told him.

After a while, RA gets up and tells her to not do this to him. She says “I’m sorry,” but he walks off towards his truck and drives off. Darla stands there and begins crying.

Darla calls Charley later on and tells her she isn’t feeling well. Charley tells her that she can relate to the stress of having parents visit. Charley also gives her permission to stay home. She cuts the call short when two farmers stop by. They tell Charley that Martin Landry will terminate their leases if they use her mill.

She tries to convince them to fight this, but they tell her it isn’t a battle they feel is worth battling.

Micah learns about confederate monuments at his school.

Micah is at school and comes across a monument of sorts. It is for the confederate general the school is named after. Meanwhile, Charley calls Martin Bennington.

Nova has her friend Rid stop by and gives him jewelry for him to sell.

Remy stops by Charley’s office, and they recap their previous night. They both come to the conclusion that they need to take their time with their relationship. The mood changes when Remy brings up Martin Landry. Charley tells him that she will retaliate by having his cousin Martin Bennington use her mill. Remy is nervous about the plan but trusts her.

She also asks Remy to look over RA’s briggs test at the farm.

Charley meets with Martin Bennington.

Hollywood surprises Violet when she arrives home with her prescription for Lupus. When he asks about it, she tells him they are just vitamins. Hollywood tells her about the deposition regarding the oil rig fire. This could lead to a very nice settlement for him.

Mother Brown stops by Nova’s garden with news about the 9th Ward. The neighborhood is getting a block grant from the government and Mother Brown asks Nova to sit on the board who will decide how the money will be spent.

Micah brings over a classmate to the monument but his classmate doesn’t think its a big deal.

“In the south, these things are all over the place.” – Micah’s Classmate.

However Micah thinks they should be taken down. His classmate tells him that these symbolize their past, which they should learn from.

Martin Bennington stops by Charley’s office to go over her offer. However, it seems that Martin is more-so interested in getting to know her on a personal level. When she reminds him that he is a Landry, he assures her that he wants nothing to do with them.

“Not carrying the Landry-Boudreaux name helps me sleep better at night. – Martin

Charley is convinced that the both of them can do something great.

“Blood is blood. But business is business. That’s what the Queen Sugar Mill is all about.” – Charley

Darla pleads with RA to return home.

Ralph Angel is still driving and Darla calls. Eventually he picks up the phone and is silent. Darla wants to talk about it, however, RA sits on the phone quietly. This silence gets to Darla who begs him to come home.

To this question, RA replies, “What home?”

As he hangs up, Darla begins to cry again. Eventually, she heads to Blue’s school just in time to pick him up. Blue thought RA was picking him up, but Darla tells him, “Something came up.”

Nova heads over to the party Rid invited her to. Rid introduces to a few people from the 9th Ward. One of them confronts her about the Zika scare.

Hollywood learn’s about Aunt Vi’s Ailment.

Aunt Vi confronts Hollywood going through her bags. He tells her that he knows she got a prescription.

“Perscriptions come in a white paper bag. There’s something you ain’t telling me.” – Hollywood

Aunt Vi knows her cover is blown and she tells him that she was diagnosed with Lupus. Hollywood is shocked by this, but Aunt Vi tells him she is going to be fine.

“I’m gonna manage it, but Ima be fine.” – Aunt Vi.

She also tells Hollywood that she doesn’t want to “become another Leanne.” However, Hollywood puts his foot down, telling her that he quit his job for her, and will be there no matter what.

“I ain’t going no where… Trust… We’re going to get through this. I’m gonna help you tell him, but you’re gonna tell them. We’ve already seen what holding secrets did to this family.” – Hollywood

Kiki is with Micah at Aunt Vi’s restaurant and gets him to talk about the monuments at his school. She encourages him to fight to get the monuments taken down. He tells her that his school’s donors have the money and power to keep them up, but she balks at that.

While on the tour, Martin Bennington seems to be more interested in Charley personally. He asks her out to dinner but she initially brushes it off, telling Martin she is seeing somebody. Eventually, she agrees to dinner as long as they can talk about business.

Darla is consoled by her mom Darlene.

Darlene sits down with Darla, after everything has happened. Darlene thinks that Ralph Angel will come back to Darla. Darla doesn’t believe it, but Darla assures her he will. Darlene then tells her that she went back on her 23 years of sobriety herself, drinking again.

“It just needs time.” – Darlene

Charley and Micah watch a news story about a confederate coming down in the city.

“To give into that is to live in bondage, fear.” – Charley

Micah balks at this, and Charley notices something bothering him. She learns that he wants a confederate monument removed at the school. He tells her that the monuments represent nothing but hate.

“The nerve to put it on display… Like that stupid flag with an X on it.” – Micah

He also tells Charley he hates it in New Orleans and understands why people left. Despite this, Charley comforts him by telling him all of the positive things where they live.

While she’s reminiscing on why she loves it here, Micah notices she is talking about Remy. He asks if she is in love with him and she says, “I don’t know.”

Micah doesn’t seem too frustrated with her moving on with Remy, telling her, “I guess I like him.”

“I guess I’ll be someone’s big brother soon.” – Micah

Darla is advised to give Ralph Angel space.

Later that night, Darlene is playing the piano, and to her delight, Darla joins in. They play a song that Darlene is surprised she remembered. Their mood changes when Darlene brings up Blue learning lessons. Darlene calms things down when she tells him that Ra may need some space.

“I don’t want to give him space. I want him.” – Darla

She then expresses regret about what happened in DC. Darla tells her mom that she couldn’t really remember what happened. Her mom asks if there was more than one guy, and Darla says she doesn’t know. Darlene tells her that she can come home if she needs to. However, Darla doesn’t want to take Blue away.

Meanwhile, Hollywood brings RA back to Aunt Vi’s pissy drunk.

Things seem to be breaking down.

The next day, Remy stops by Charley’s. He sees her going over Martin’s gifts. Charley notices that he is jealous of Martin’s advances. She tells him that this is, “A necessary evil.”

Despite Charley downplaying this, Remy tells her that she is willing to do the unexpected.

“Whatever game you’re playing, don’t put all your chips on the table.” – Remy

Aunt Vi is stressing over RA showing up drunk, and begins to pray. She asks God to, “Take it back.”

She pleads for all of the stress to go away. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel visits his father’s grave and Darla stares out of the window at the farm house.

Lastly, Blue is out playing, oblivious to everything going on.


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