Amid Rumors of Hooking up With Kat, Ryan Henry Slams Producers

Ryan Henry is no stranger to airing out his grievances with VH1 on social media.

Now he is feeling some kind of way about how he’s being portrayed on the current season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

On the most recent episode, Kat once again told Danielle and Charmaine that she hooked up with Ryan at the lake house, and he’s been trying to get with her despite being back in a relationship with Rachel.

On Instagram Live, he had some words for the producers.

He said:

Do your math on how much I charge and how much I work, and how long I’ve been charging what I charge, and how long I’ve been working and you ask me do a bullsh*t a*s reality TV check mean something to me.

N*gga, I’m straight. Been straight.

Yeah, I said it. F*ck my producers. What you mean? I’ll say it to they motherf*cking face.

Give no f*ck about producers. Y’all motherf*ckers work…y’all motherf*cking job is to destroy my life for y’all entertainment so…

Check out the clip below:

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  1. Ryan made me real mad this season I mean acting like a whole split tail. Oh and I almost 4got who shop it is the way they do what they want breaking stuff all the time. Aye Ryan grow some Princess Lol…

  2. So its th producer fault he signed up for a reality show and cheated while the cameras was rolling… well i’ll be damn.

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