Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Kat Comes Clean to Rachel + Rachel & Ryan Attack Producers

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Kat finally gets her one on one conversation with Rachel.

Things get explosive and even the production staff isn’t safe from the wrath of Rachel and Ryan.

Ashley has another medical scare with the baby, and gets upset when she can’t get in touch with Don.

Lily’s plans to see her sisters don’t work out.

And Cobra finally learns the truth about Velvet.

Here’s a recap of “Chi-Cabo Part 2.”

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  1. Rachel switched up real quick. I didn’t know she had it in her. But she should have went in on Ryan instead of the producer. Ryan is the one out here playing her. You can’t blame the producers for this one.

  2. It kind of seems like Rachel already knew but she was angry that the producers allowed Kat to bring it on the show. I guess they are more concerned with their image as a couple than anything else.

  3. I know I’ve been seeing people call Rachel classy on the gram and Twitter but I don’t see it. If she was so classy, she would not have been acting a dam fool with the producers. They did not force Ryan to sleep with Kat. She’s angry with the wrong person/people.

  4. Kat is messy as hell but Ryan takes the damn cake!!!!! He’s the cause of all of this but he’s really trying to pin it all on the producers. Hilarious!!!!!!!!

  5. Ryan ain’t no good HOWEVER Kat is trifling af too!The only reason she felt she needed to tell Rachel anything was because she felt some type of way about him not giving her any attention, let’s not forget the meltdown she had when Phor started dating Nicky and she did the whole crying in the pool scene last season. I’m not even gonna acknowledged the fact she messed with Van too, If she really felt the need to tell what happened she could have waited till the COUPLES trip was over! Why ruin it for everybody. I bet if she had a guy with her on the trip she would have never done that, she was in her feelings and wanted to start some mess, it had nothing to do with “ I feel bad about being around his family “ girl you knew who his family was before you hooked up with his dirty dog behind. I’m just not here for her sob story cause she just as bad as Ryan

  6. So first of all we gone act like Kat ain’t have a hoop earring in one ear and a stud in the other? Second, every season they talk about how they’re a family and they’re bros and sis but everybody sleeping with everybody ! Every last one of them has slept with at least one person at 9Mag! I’m legit confused at why Rachel got turnt on production and not Ryan?!

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