RHOA Recap: Kenya & Kim Almost Come to Blows + Porsha & Lauren Make Up

Gregg is back home from the hospital.

He tells NeNe it was a scary situation because he really didn’t feel well. He says that his heart would stop beating for a few seconds, and it’s the same thing his father died from.

So he wants to get healthy and have NeNe see some cardiologists with him.

He jokingly says NeNe may be the cause of her his heart problems thanks to her tricks in the bedroom.

Sheree gets a visit from her life coach.

Sheree has a second session with her life coach, Jack Daniels. She tells him that she’s been practicing to tell her kids what happened with Bob.

She admits that she’s ashamed to tell her children.

But Jack Daniels says it will be good for her to be as honest as possible with them.

The Coalition of Domestic Violence has reached out to her to speak at an event but he tells her that she first needs to talk to her kids.

He gives her some more homework and tells her to go on a vacation so she can cut down her anxiety.

Kandi is heading to New York to shoot for the cover of Essence Magazine.

She has been wanting this for a long time because only A list celebrities can land the cover.

Kandi doesn’t like leaving her kids behind, so this is difficult.

“It’s not working right now and I need to figure it out.” – Kandi

Don Juan helps out and tries to pack Kandi’s things since Carmon is no longer her assistant.

“Let me go ahead and tell y’all now. We ain’t got no hotel because everything is sold out.” – Don Juan

Kandi understands Don Juan is doing his best and they both agree she has to find a new assistant quick.

Lauren and Porsha have another talk.

Lauren hasn’t been sleeping at Porsha’s place since their big blowup.

So Porsha invites her over to talk while their cousin Tiffany serves as a mediator.

Lauren tells Porsha that she was having a bad day and that may be the reason she got so upset during their business meeting. She also explains that she’s almost 30 and she wants to get more serious about her career.

“I just have different needs.” – Lauren

Porsha tells Lauren that she is always there for her and Lauren starts crying. She worries that Porsha will one day hire some outside help who is more qualified than her.

Porsha hugs her and tells her that she will never turn her back on her.

They hug it out.

NeNe’s friend Mynique Smith comes by, NeNe plans an all white party.

NeNe and Mynique have known each other for 13 years.

She gives Mynique an update on Gregg’s health and says he’s been feeling better.

NeNe says she wants to have an all white “Girls and Gays” party at her house. Brandon, NeNe’s friend from Philadelphia, also stops by.

She shows them her plans for the get together.

Brandon asks NeNe if Porsha is invited and NeNe says no. Both Mynique and Brandon suggest that NeNe meets with Porsha because she’s a nice girl.

NeNe strongly disagrees and reveals that Porsha texted her and asked for a sit-down but NeNe didn’t respond.

“She’s going to get pinned up on the wall for f*cking with NeNe Leakes.” – NeNe

Sheree and Kenya catch up over a spin class.

Kenya says she’s happy to be on better terms with Sheree and thanks her for being supportive of her new marriage.

She tells Sheree that she is working on a PSA for domestic violence and Sheree says she’s down.

“I think it’s a great idea.” – Sheree

Sheree then tells her she wants to do it but the Coalition of Domestic Violence asked her to be an ambassador so she has to make sure it’s not a conflict of interest first.

They get a text message from NeNe inviting them to her party.

Todd beams with pride at Kandi’s Essence shoot.

As Kandi is getting styled for her first Essence cover, she admits that she is still feeling guilty for being away from her kids.

Despite that, she’s excited to have reached another milestone in her career.

She learns that she is on the cover for the confidence issue and she’s touched by this. Todd watches the shoot in awe of his wife.

“That’s my wife.” – Todd

Will and Cynthia have another date.

Will tells her that he’s a little uncomfortable that he’s already been on the blogs with her and Cynthia agrees that it’s annoying that people already think they are in a relationship.

He asks her when he can come to Lake Bailey and she tells him soon if things continue to work out between them.

Kenya and Kim clash at NeNe’s party.

Marlo is the first to arrive to NeNe’s get together.

NeNe says they haven’t talked in a few years, but they saw each at the mall and made up.

NeNe admits she was upset about Marlo befriending Kenya but they decide to bury the hatchet and pick up where they left off.

When Marlo asks what’s going on with Porsha, NeNe makes it clear that she’s not interested in discussing Porsha.

Sheree and Kim catch up before heading to NeNe’s.

Sheree says NeNe doesn’t know that she’s bringing Kim, and Kim is nervous NeNe may not be thrilled to see her.

Kim then says she saw NeNe out shopping recently and they didn’t speak.

The conversation turns into Kenya’s marriage and Kim says she doesn’t believe Kenya is really married.

“Something is just not adding the f*ck up.” – Kim

Derek J comes to the party with Cynthia but he expresses to her that he doesn’t like the theme of the party.

“It’s kind of like your white friend saying bring your best black friend.” – Derek

NeNe later tells him she meant no disrespect. Their conversation is interrupted after everyone sees Kim entering the party with Sheree.

Kim turns up her face and questions if NeNe’s AC is working properly.

NeNe gets up to greet Kim and Sheree. Lisa Wu then walks in and is greeted by the group.

All the ladies go in the house to cool off and catch up and things get tense after Marlo brings up Kenya’s marriage.

Marlo asks Kenya when she will be able to meet Marc, and Kim gets nasty.

“It ain’t gonna happen b*tch because he doesn’t f*cking exist.” – Kim

Kim presses the issue more as Kenya remains silent.

“It’s all a bunch of lies. A bunch of bullsh*t.” – Kim

Kenya finally breaks and takes some digs at Kim.

“Shut the f*ck up, okay? Why do you have such a hard on for me? Didn’t they cut it off during your reassignment surgery? Why do you have such a hard on?” – Kenya

Kenya then says that the nastiness is why Marc has no interest in meeting the group.

“Worry about your husband.” – Kenya

“My husband’s real, b*tch.” – Kim

“As real as your hair.” – Kenya

“Your lips, your a*s, your whole ugly face isn’t real.” – Kim

“Worry about your life and the daughter you pimped out for for John Legend tickets. See whose d*ck she’ll suck for John Legend tickets, b*tch. Worry about pimping out your daughter, b*tch.

“Let me tell you something, b*tch.” – Kim

“Let me tell YOU something, b*tch!” – Kenya

Kim then gets up to get in Kenya’s face and Kenya gets up too before everyone separates them.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. If it wasn’t for Kim, this would have been yet another boring episode. I can’t stand Phaedra but I’m starting to realize how much she is needed.

  2. Kim hasn’t been back more than one episode and she’s already getting on my nerves. I forgot that she actually plays victim more than Kenya does.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the LGBTQ community drag Kenya by her follicles last night for that gender reassignment shade. She should probably be trying to figure out why her hair products can’t be located anywhere on Sally’s website. I thought she had a deal with them. Did that fall through already? How shocking. LOL.

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