Watch: Van Goes off on Ryan in Defense of Kat

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

On the upcoming episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Ryan has to face all of the other artists in the 9Mag shop who still have Kat’s back.

Things instantly get testy as Van stands up to Ryan and Don and Phor have to intervene.

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  1. Umm Ryan is the owner of 9Mag right? So he should be able to fire whoever he wants to for whatever reason. The hell?

    1. Exactly! Idk why the ppl in his shop feel so entitled to make decisions which he doesn’t agree with. Vann constantly oversteps his boundaries and uses violence to make his point. Humble yourself boy. You doing too much. This is Ryan’s shop.. hello ppl!

  2. Ryan full of ish and is a liar but at the end of the day it’s his shop. It might not be right but it’s the truth Ryan stupid for even arguing with them like you the boss anybody have a problem with how you handling business can hit the door.

  3. It’s so weird to me how these people don’t seem to understand that Ryan is their boss. Now I do think Kat told the truth, but if he doesn’t want her there, that’s his right.

  4. Ryan was wrong to cheat but is anyone going to hold Kat accountable for sleeping with damn near everybody in the shop? In the real world, that will get your fired pretty quickly. What Ryan wants (her gone) is pretty reasonable.

  5. Van is so annoying to me straight up hood n*gga they need to lock his tempermental a*s back up! He is a menace to society he can’t even have a simple dicussion without wanting to fight. Smdh

  6. Someone on here said Ceaser wouldn’t tolerate the disrespect Ryan does and I agree with that. Ryan is way too passive with his employees.

  7. Oh goodness. Why won’t Ryan just fire these fools? Kat should be fired because she’s always sleeping with her coworkers. What part of that is hard for these fools to understand?

  8. That’s why everyone got kat’s back because she had s-x with everybody and she’s probably still having s-x with everybody.

  9. I’m really not excusing the fact that Ryan cheated on Rachel but I think most people need to be honest and admit how messy Kat is. She’s already messed around with Van, Phor, Danielle and now Ryan. That’s about half the shop right there. Sis may want to chill out and focus on actually tattooing.

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