Wendy Williams Slams Ashanti

Ashanti’s fans may be happy that the R&B singer is still making music but Wendy Williams seems to think Ashanti may need to move on.

In fact, on her talk show recently she actually said that folks are more interested in Ashanti’s body than her body of work.

She even said Joe Budden had a point when Ashanti appeared on “Everyday Struggle” and he told her that it’s understandable why folks threw money at her during a recent performance. The incident made Ashanti stop the show and tell the audience that she is not a stripper.

Wendy said:

“40 something at this point. Nobody cares about her music, 37, same difference. You are – and I didn’t call you a stripper – I call you an exotic dancer. And I agree with what Joe was saying, Ashanti just take it for what it is. Nobody’s buying your music. Nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body, and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is a fact, jack.”

Check out the clip below:

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  1. Sadly, it’s kind of true. Ashanti is a beautiful woman with a banging body. The only way she can distract people from that is some raw form of talent. She’s not the best singer or performer, so people don’t feel enthusiastic about buying her music. Pretty girls with no raw talent struggle to have longevity in the business. And to be honest, even raw talent is no guarantee to be stay successful in the business. It’s just hard. She had a good run though.

  2. Well the thing about it being a free country is people can do what they want as long as it’s legal. Ashanti wants to still make music, so she will. It is what it is.

  3. Well since Wendy wants to do the ageism crap, some would say she’s too old to be wearing the clothes she be wearing on her talk show. Maybe Ashanti will hang it up she Wendy actually dresses her age.

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