Bianca King Calls Out LHHNY Producers

The “Love and Hip Hop” franchise has helped break a few of the newest and hottest artists out at the moment. Arguably one the hottest female rappers out right now, Cardi B., got her big break from two seasons of LHHNY. Therefore, it’s no surprise why there are others out right now questioning the support they are currently receiving from the show.

After last night’s episode of LHHNY premiered, cast member Bianca King hopped onto her Instagram account to question the level of support that she and other artists on the show are receiving.

She specifically called out the show’s producers and VH1 for not using more of their music to close out the show. She really wants to know why they aren’t doing this, which helps get their music out to the audience.

Bianca, coincidentally enough, has a new album being released this January 5th, as the current season wraps up. It remains to be seen if VH1 or “Love and Hip Hop” will help promote the album.

In the clip, Bianca asks the following:

I want to mothaf***ing know how come after every “Love and Hip Hop” episode go off, y’all play a mothaf***ing artist that already got music, already is on, but y’all ain’t playing none of the music from the artists that’s on the show?

Check out the clip below.

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  1. Yeah she needs to understand she will get nowhere expecting Mona and VH1 to promote her music. She will have to grind by herself like Cardi had to.

  2. Bianca girl you done sold your soul to the reality tv devil Mona. Mona and Vh1 will help you get notoriety not help your career. Why would they help you get to a point where you don’t need them. They give you just enough notoriety and just enough exposure to their benefit not to your benefit in the long run.

  3. Is she serious? This is not a platform for anyone to build a real career. A few have gotten lucky but that won’t ever be the norm. She can always leave the show and focus on her career now that she has a record deal.

  4. I think the network has their favorites. Bianca is just not one of them and they don’t take her seriously. I just saw VH1’s Christmas commercial and they had Pap, Phor, Charmaine, etc singing and rapping. Bianca wasn’t invited because they don’t take her seriously as an artist I guess.

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