Dr. Heavenly Blasts Mariah Huq & Her Mother Lucy, Again

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Heavenly and Mariah Huq have had an ongoing beef for the last couple of seasons of the hit reality show.

And it’s clear that won’t be changing anytime soon.

In fact, Heavenly blasted Mariah and her mother again in a recent video.

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  1. Heavenly sounds jealous of Mariah. I mean she sounded extra bitter when she got to the part about Mariah not working and being able to sit around the house all day and be cute. If that’s the lifestyle Heavenly wants, she needs to talk to “Daddy” and see what he can do. ??

    1. Mariah has the best marriage out of the group. While all of them are about to divorce (except Contessa guess), Mariah is still happily married and she doesn’t have money problems. She can also afford to be a housewife. They can’t help but be bitter.

    2. I think jealousy is the case as well. Why does it matter if Mariah is a doctor’s wife and stays at home? Those aren’t negatives. Just like Heavenly deciding to be a working mother and dentist aren’t negatives either. I know Mariah is petty but the hate they have for her is a bit much at times. It’s just not that serious.

  2. What I don’t understand is all of them said they pushed Mariah out because her mouth was too reckless and she was too messy but they don’t mind Heavenly like at all. Heavenly is way messier than Mariah ever was. So it makes me think they pushed her out for another reason. Jealousy maybe.

  3. Now see if Mariah goes all the way in on Heavenly, the rest of the women on the show will say she’s too negative and causes too much drama. The double standard is real.

    1. Or how much weight she had to lose to first get on the show! Can’t stand this big head big lip b-tch! Ugh!!

  4. Well someone sounds like a little bitter. Don’t hate on what you don’t have or can’t be, it ain’t cute sis.

  5. Dr. Heavenly is an embarrassment. It’s sad that Bravo has picked her to be the representation of black female dentists in Atlanta. She’s very uncouth and I cringe every time she speaks.

  6. The bitterness is real with this one! Mariah ain’t even on the show like that anymore and these women are still pressed. Hilarious! LMBO!

  7. They really need to stop trying to shade Mariah because the show is dry when she’s not there. I feel like we’re watching a bootleg Waiting To Exhale with these fake struggle storylines about their marriages. Jackie is the only one who seems to be legit. Everyone else is faking their marriage problems for the cameras.

  8. They swear Mariah is a non motherf-cking factor, but they stay talking about her in their boring a-s interviews.

  9. Mariah, Marah, Mariah. Heavenly ain’t got nothing else to talk about? Oh that’s right. She really doesn’t have a storyline this season. Except her beef with Mariah.

  10. Mariah isn’t all she thinks/believes she is. Mariah’s mother Lucy is worse telling people how to be/think regarding when one takes up issue with her daughter as if she is all knowing. I believe Dr. Heavenly in this case. I cannot stand Mariah’s mother Lucy….she is annoying & delusional.

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