‘Tamar & Vince’ Recap: Tamar Wants A New Manager + Tells Vince in Front of His Friends

Photo Credit: WETV

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Tamar and Vince,” the couple struggles to reconcile before the D.C. show. This unrest allows Tamar to make a heart-breaking decision. Tamar reveals this to Vince in front of his friends during a dinner party.

Here is the recap for, “Love Under New Management.”

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  1. Tamar seems so much more insecure and since vince Lost his all that weight I agree with him she has been such a hater doing this process maybe she doesn’t understand how unhealthy it is to be as big as he was at the same time I understand it’s dangerous for him to keep having surgery’s s but when you look at it either way he could die because he can die for being overweight or for having surgery. but no matter what you supposed to support your husband and I think she’s insecure because she knows or thinks that he may cheat on her or leave her now that he’s lost this weight that was her security blanket that he was very heavy and ill a lot and because of that he wouldn’t leave her or cheat on her.

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