‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Donna Brawls in the Shop + Sky Gets Some Good News

The renovations are complete.

Melody invites the gang to check out the new and improved shop and everyone is amazed by the changes.

“Oh, some work has been done over here.” – Walt

“You did a real good job. The floor looks good. There’s no rats in here.” – Teddy

Walt and Melody eventually clash after Walt says she did what she was supposed to do as a manager and he doesn’t see the big deal. Melody calls him a hater.

Cease and Sky walk in not too long after and say the shop looks good.

In a green screen interview, Cease says the new look is great because all memories of the “psycho b*tch Dutchess” are gone.

The group toasts to the revamped shop.

Sky then tells them about her oldest son doing an interview about her in Dutchess’ tattoo shop.

“Her whole objective right now is to tear us all down.” – Sky

Everyone in the shop appears to be glad that Dutchess is gone.

Teddy is worried about his little brother.

Cease decides to spend some more time in New York at Teddy’s request. He’s not worried about the shop in Atlanta since his employees have been trained well by Sky.

His mother tells him to be careful with all the womanizing he’s doing and Teddy says that he is still just hurt about his split from Dutchess.

Teddy opens up about his little brother getting into some serious trouble and facing life in prison. He’s upset about this because his oldest brother is already serving a life sentence.

Cease promises he will show up to the hearing to show support.

Melody gets some really bad news.

The group talks about wanting to party to celebrate the revamped shop and Donna says she needs to party because her ex husband is getting out of jail soon.

Sky says she knows what he’s capable of because he called and threatened Donna once before in her presence.

Melody’s boo Lalo comes to the shop to give Melody a letter about her owing the IRS $30,000.

“How the f*ck do I owe the IRS $30,000?” – Melody

Lalo is upset about this because he has no idea where she’s going to get the money from.

This angers Melody because she doesn’t want to argue in front of the group.

“Go home!” – Melody

He scoffs and leaves the shop.

Sky visits her mother and gets some clarification on the adoption of her sons.

Her mother suffers from bipolar disorder, and doesn’t always take her meds. It’s strained their relationship but she’s been taking her medications as of late, and their relationship has improved as a result.

They talk about her son’s interview and Sky says she’s been getting a lot of negativity on social media.

She says she’s also upset at her son’s father, Elton, because she feels like he’s brainwashed him.

She says she was good with Elton at first but he just switched up on her.

In a green screen interview, she says she was in jail when her sons were adopted.

She asks her mother about the timeline of everything, and her mother says she was struggling at the time with drugs and met people who could take care of Sky’s sons because she could no longer do it anymore. So she gave them up for adoption while Sky was locked up and the adoption was legal.

In a green screen interview, Sky says she did what was best because she was in and out of jail.

Sky’s mother tells her that she believes that Sky will one day have relationships with her sons.

Sky starts crying.

Cease gets tested.

Teddy asks Cease when was the last time he got tested for s*xually transmitted diseases, and Cease agrees to go get one even though he’s annoyed about it.

He claims he uses protection each time he sleeps with someone.

Cease answers some very direct questions from the doctor before he takes the tests.

He admits he doesn’t use protection when he gets head.

The doctor tells him that he can get a disease by not using protection during head. Cease is shocked.

“Where the f*ck you coming up with this new information?” – Cease

Cease will get his test results in a few days.

Melody clashes with a prospective new hire.

Melody wants to bring in a new tattoo artist so she can pay her taxes. More money brought into the shop, means an easier time for her to pay her tax bill. Alex comes by and she introduces him as their new artist. He refers to himself as the “V*gina Slayer.”

Everyone starts laughing at this.

Melody tells him they won’t be calling him that.

“Get out!” – Melody

Melody tries to fire him but Cease convinces her to at least let him prove himself first by doing a tattoo.

“F*ck him.” – Melody

“Yes, ma’am.” – Alex

“Oh my God!” – Melody

A client comes in and asks for “The V*gina Slayer.”

Melody is annoyed that Alex is really be called this by clients.

The client happens to be one of Alex’s friends and he hopes the tattoo will get him a spot in the shop.

Unfortunately, he’s not able to get the tattoo done seeing as his tattoo gun wouldn’t turn on. Alex will have to reschedule the appointment.

Cease tells him this is very unprofessional.

He asks if anyone would hire Alex given how he his day has went, and Alex tells Cease that a lot of white people didn’t want to give Cease a chance at first but he made it anyway.

Cease accuses him of trying to play the black card. Alex denies this.

Cease reluctantly decides to give him another chance on another day.

Donna meets Young Bae and Kitty to play some tennis. They want to help Donna take her mind off her ex being released from prison soon.

She tells them that she called Maxwell’s sister Maxi to get some details and she ended up threatening her too.

“So now I’m just in a weird place.” – Donna

Donna’s boyfriend Mo walks on the tennis court and he surprises her with a new puppy. She screams excitedly.

“I love him!” – Donna

Cease and Teddy attend Teddy’s brother’s hearing for an alleged gang murder.

Teddy tells Cease he’s really scared about what his brother’s fate will be.

He says all his brother was doing was hanging with friends on the corner and then the cops accused him of murdering someone.

His brother has never been in any trouble before.
“I really don’t know what’s going to happen at this point.” – Teddy

They found out that the trial has been pushed back for another 30 days. This has happened multiple times.

“I’m getting sick of this sh*t.” – Teddy

In a green screen interview, Teddy says his brother looks like he’s losing hope of being released.

The gang has a party in the remodeled shop, Donna has a scuffle with Maxi.

When Cease get there, he thanks everyone for showing up. He invites everyone to the back to get one more thing done.

He takes them to the back wall so he can spray-paint over Dutchess’ name.

The producers then play a monologue of Kitty and Walt talking about how much they hate her.

“Rest in Hell, b*tch! I’ll miss those ashy a*s lips, and the way you use to walk around here and talk down to us all condescendingly. F*ck you, b*tch. Leave!” – Walt

“Bye, Dutchess. I will always remember our night of passion. When you accused me of mouth raping you. But b*tch, we know all you wanted was some good head.” – Donna

“Dutchess, I know we didn’t know each other for very long. But in the short time that we had together, I can honestly that it’s gonna be so hard finding another classless b*tch who sprays mace and runs.” – Kitty

The producers then play some past scenes of Dutchess clashing with the group.

Maxwell’s sister Maxi comes by the shop and Donna confronts her. She denies that Maxell has ever laid hands on Donna and this angers Donna.

Donna also doesn’t appreciate that Maxi’s friend is defending her and saying that Donna needs to remember that Maxwell is still her brother.

Donna then starts macing Maxi and her friend. They start brawling until security intervenes.

Sky gets some good news.

Sky meets with her best friend and tells her that she found the contact info of her sons’ adoptive mother. However, she’s insecure about it after what her oldest son Genesis said in the interview.

Sky’s best friend urges her to just make the phone call because the worst thing she can be told is no.

Sky picks up her phone to make the call.

The woman is happy to hear from Sky and says she’s been waiting to hear from her.

Sky tells her that she wants to meet her sons and their adoptive mother agrees to Sky coming to Texas to meet her.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. This show has gotten way too fake. And it’s also obvious that the producers are salty that Dutchess left the show so they are trying to take her down with the help of a just as salty cast. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Chicago show is now the superior of the two. I’m also over them talking about Dutchess like a dog every episode.

  2. Sky still ain’t sh-t and I’m not here for her victim act like stop it. How you just now trying to verify the adoption is legal with a mother who is bipolar that’s suspect in itself. And for people who act like they can’t stand Dutchess they damn sure keep talking about her every chance they get.

  3. I’ve tried really hard to watch this show and I just can’t get into it. I missed Chicago already! and I was thinking the same thing about Sky how you asking all these questions now while you on national TV something you should have been asking years and years ago. so fake and so phony!

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