Trina Shuts Down Khia Questions During Interview

Photo Credit: Power 105.1/Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

Trina is arguably the biggest star on “Love and Hip Hop Miami,” which premieres January 1st. So it’s no surprise that she has been a constant target for digs and shade from Khia on her podcast with TS Madison.

Well, during her interview with The Breakfast Club, they tried to have her address some of Khia’s allegations.

Trina shut that down with a quickness.

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  1. This was still a response and all Khia will do is respond and get more listeners for her podcast. These celebrities keep on giving her wants she wants: attention! Not smart.

  2. She should have told her PR rep that she won’t be answering any questions about Khia. They could have told Charla/Envy/Yee that beforehand and Khia would not have been discussed. People have to stop responding to nonsense when they have something to promote.

  3. Khia has really managed to become relevant by talking mess about any and everybody. Next thing you know, she will be announcing her own talk show.

  4. If Kris Jenner and Bethanny talk show got canceled along with Queen Latifah, then why the hell would someone give Khia a show?

  5. I’m not sure why people are so mad with Khia and doubting what she’s trying to do. Talking trash about celebrities is exactly why Wendy Williams has the most successful talk show out besides Ellen. It’s a formula that works. Khia knows what she’s doing and everyone who keeps hating on her will be exactly why she gets some major project from all of this. Just watch and see.

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