K. Michelle Responds to Khia

If it’s one thing that Khia thrives on, it’s the ability to get under someone’s skin. She was recently able to, with help from the Breakfast Club, get Remy Ma and Trina to address the comments made about them during her “Queens Court” podcast.

However, that did nothing to slow down the barrage of shade coming from Khia. If anything, it caused Khia to go even harder at them.

Another person to respond to Khia’s shade is K. Michelle, who responded while on Instagram Live a few days ago.

While on IG Live, someone asked if K was going to invite Khia to her wedding in Aspen, Colorado.

Not only did she say no, but she brought up how Khia wouldn’t be able to buy a plane ticket to fly to Chik-Fil-A.

Khia can’t get a plane ticket to Chik-Fil-A on the corner. No money, she can’t [afford it].

See, I could catch a flight just to go to Chik-Fil-A because I work hard. You see, some b****es just talk hard.

K then brought up how people keep bringing up her “hot pocket.”

Fully expect Khia to not let have K. Michelle have the last word.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Maybe K was drunk or something but this was not her best. Either way, I’m sure Khia will drag her again soon.

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