LHNNY Recap: MariahLynn & Bri Almost Come to Blows + Jonathan Catches Rich in the Act

Anais confides in Jonathan about her romance with Rich.

Anais and Jonathan hang out and discuss their love lives.

Jonathan tells her about his blowup with Trent and the Grindr situation. He also reveals how Trent got even.

“Yes, b*tch. He found out that I’m married.” – Jonathan

Jonathan says he never cheated on Trent and his husband lives in California because they are no longer together.

At this point, Ruben walks up to them and speaks to Jonathan. This annoys Anais and she asks him to leave. He says he hasn’t seen Jonathan in a while and he just wants to catch up. Anais still wants Ruben to go.

Jonathan is confused by this.

“What is going on?” – Jonathan

Jonathan says Anais and Ruben used to be so into each other and Anais says that having kids has soured their marriage.

Ruben then excuses himself from the conversation and says goodbye to Jonathan.

Anais then tells Jonathan that she’s having an affair with Rich Dollaz.

“Well I met somebody else to tickle my pickle. Rich Dollaz.” – Anais

In a green screen interview, Jonathan says this is a bad idea because Rich is known for sleeping with his clients and dumping them later.

“This could get so messy Ana. I’m not telling you nothing that Google can’t tell you. You may be making the wrong decision.” – Jonathan

Yandy and Lil Mo catch up at a Trampoline park with their kids.

Lil Mo tells Yandy that her son read online that Karl cheated on her and Karl failed a lie detector test.

Lil Mo isn’t sure about what to do. She’s already left the fathers of her other children, so she doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

Yandy tells her to base her choice off if Karl can get on the right track or not.

Mo says his apology was sincere, so she’s open to staying together.

Yandy also asks Mo to help her with some Hurricane Sandy charity work. Mo agrees.

Safaree is having problems with Dreamdoll.

He meets up with Self, Snoop and Jaquae and tells him Dreamdoll posted another man on her social media accounts for National Boyfriend Day.

“Man, I feel like a piece of meat.” – Safaree

In a green screen interview, Safaree says Dreamdoll has been weird since Self told her that Safaree would be getting in the studio with MariahLynn.

Snoop announces that she just inked a sneaker deal with Patrick Ewing.

She’s going to have an event to celebrate the accomplishment. She invites all the fellas to the event and they all agree to attend.

Anais’ husband Ruben confronts her.

After another night out, Anais returns home only to see Ruben waiting in the driveway for her. He tells her he’s tired of her going out all the time and Anais says she will be heading out again soon.

This frustrates Ruben and she tells him she can do as she pleases.

They start arguing.

“I told you I need more than d*ck and money.” – Anais

When Ruben asks Anais if she’s seeing someone else, she says maybe she is.

She says she refuses to become a housewife.

“Get the f*ck out of here.” – Ruben

Ruben walks away angry and Anais hops in her car and drives off.

Karl vents his frustrations with Lil Mo.

He walks in on her rehearsals and questions why she hasn’t been answering his phone calls. She thinks this is weird since he’s the one who’s not trustworthy.

She then tells him that she won’t be using him as her leading man in her upcoming music video.

Karl doesn’t like this but Mo says it will freshen up her career. She tells him he can audition but he needs to focus on saving their marriage.

MariahLynn gives Self a final warning.

They meet at a restaurant to talk.

They discuss MariahLynn’s confrontation with Dreamdoll and Self says MariahLynn swung first. So he feels she started it.

He calls her the common denominator of all the drama and he tells her she needs to look in the mirror.

“It’s not me!” – MariahLynn

MariahLynn starts crying and asks if there’s still a place for her since Self never defends her.

She tells him that he has one more time to not have her back and she’s leaving Gwinnin.

Rich, Navarro and Jaques hang out.

Rich tells them that he’s been messing around with Anais.

Navarro wants Rich to take Anais off his hands professionally while he handles his drama with Ashley. Rich agrees to attend Anais’ artist signing.

Anais then pops up and sits with them.

She pulls Rich to the side to discuss their relationship. She explains that she got into it with Ruben and he’s now asking for a divorce.

Rich tells her that he has her back but Anais says he hasn’t said anything to make her feel confident about her marriage ending.

She doesn’t feel like Rich isn’t serious about her and Rich assures her that he will be there for her.

They kiss.

Safaree confronts Dreamdoll.

He’s not happy that Dreamdoll hasn’t been claiming him on social media and actually shouted out another man.

They question if they have a future together and he brings up the fact that she posted another man on National Boyfriend Day.

She says he’s lacking.

She also tells him about MariahLynn saying she’s been talking to Safaree and she lets Safaree know that if he keeps working with MariahLynn they won’t be talking anymore.

“I’m getting really mad right now.” – Dreamdoll

Safaree says that he can’t turn down working with Self’s artists because they are friends.

This angers Dreamdoll and she says she’s done with Safaree.

She leaves.

Karl drops by Lil Mo’s music video auditions.

While other men attempt to audition for the video, Karl tells Mo that he shouldn’t have to audition.

They start arguing again and she tells him that he will have to go as hard as everyone else.

Safaree and Yandy do a table read for Juju’s play.

After they wrap up, Safaree talks about how long it took hm to get over his long relationship with Nicki Minaj.

Juju tells him that starting over is so hard and Safaree says he can really relate since it took him two years to get over Nicki.

He tells her that hanging out with friends and trying to have a normal life will help.

He then invites her to hang out and he says it’s not a date. They will just have fun.

“It will just be a place I went after my breakup.” – Safaree

Juju agrees to go.

Snoop celebrates her new sneaker with Patrick Ewing, Bri and MariahLynn clash.

She has an event at the club and everyone comes out to support.

“This launch is lit.” – Jaquae

Bri isn’t happy to see that MariahLynn is there. Especially when she sees MarahLynn talking to Safaree.

MariahLynn says that she wants to work together and Safaree says he doesn’t want the drama with Dreamdoll. Despite this, he tells her he will think about it.

Bri walks up on them and when Safaree tries to introduce them, Bri says she “doesn’t f*ck” with MariahLynn because of her loyalty to Dreamdoll.

“You look 30 and you’re only 30 pounds.” – Bri

“You look like a Oompa Loompa.” – MariahLynn

Bri tosses a drink at MariahLynn (who throws one back).

Security intervenes and Snoop makes it known that she’s not happy about the scuffle.

Jonathan has enough, Rich comes face to face with Ruben.

At Anais’ signing event, Jonathan tells Anais and Rich that it’s not okay that they have been sleeping together because Anais is still married.

In a green screen interview, Jonathan says he knows it’s hypocritical for him to feel this way but his situation is different.

While speaking to Anais, Jonathan notices Rich asking another woman for her phone number.

“This is low…even for Rich, this is low.” – Jonathan

Ruben shows up and greets Anais while she’s talking to Rich.

He asks if Rich works for Navarro and things get awkward.


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  1. I don’t understand how grown a-s women are beefing with people just because there friends don’t like them. This is so high school to me.

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