Claudia Jordan Makes Some Messy Accusations About Trump & Omarosa

Claudia Jordan didn’t last long on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but she’s been keeping busy since, and is now a radio personality.

During the recent episode of “The Unstabled” podcast, she had some interesting things to say about her enemy Omarosa Manigault.

In fact, she claimed that Omarosa allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with Donald Trump:

Allegedly, I have a friend of a friend of hers that there was some talk that there may have been some inappropriateness between the two…allegedly.

Well I would be surprised because of what he would say about her looks.

When pressed about what type of black woman Trump would be interested in, this is what Claudia had to say:

He’s more of a House Negro type of black woman…but then again, if you’re just getting head allegedly, I think that head has no face.

Claudia and Omarosa have a colorful past, which includes Omarosa’s mother almost coming to blows with Claudia on the red carpet at the BET Awards a few years ago.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Thanks for the tea but I still don’t care for Claudia either. Omarosa is terrible but so is she. I haven’t forgotten how ignorant she is about dark skinned people.

  2. Considering the things I heard about Omarosa, how she treated the staff and the liberties she would take in the White House. She was either acting like a First Lady or Head Concubine-in Charge. Claudia’s assessment ain’t off the mark at all.

  3. Claudia Jordan is one to talk. She lost on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice early, but still ended up with a major beauty pageant hosting gig…..I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with him too…..allegedly

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