‘Married to Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Calls out the Producers

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has been full of drama.

And when folks aren’t nearly coming to blows, the cast is hopping on social media to call out the producers.

And Mariah Huq isn’t the only one with beef.

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  1. How is Quad the star when she’s the second most unlikable person on the show after Heavenly? Ratings didn’t even pick up until Mariah came back. Leave it to Toya to tell the truth.

  2. They better believe Quad requested this. That was her whole reason for pushing Mariah out. Sadly, everyone helped her and had no idea what her end game was. She wanted to become the “star.” But I find her very hard to like. Mariah is at least funny. Heavenly annoys me but she’s funny too. Quad is petty with a very dry personality.

  3. Saw the intro and rolled my eyes. I guess throwing Mariah under the bus finally paid off for Quad the fraud.

  4. Yeah they tried it. I always liked this show because they all bring something different. There is no star honestly. Makes me think Quad asked them to do this. She’s vain enough to.

  5. Y’all need to stop, Quad the breakout of Season 1 and stole the show. Quad has taken this to a whole level meanwhile Mariah still doesn’t have a production company set up.

  6. Honestly, this show was going to flop until Mariah and Toya fought at that party. As ratchet as it was, people got interested then. Quad was a wannabe Mariah, imitated her mannerisms and everything. Even then, she could not save the ratings when they did have that season without Mariah. Baby them ratings dropped so bad they had to bring Mariah back. Even this season, this show couldn’t get over a million viewers until Mariah came back. Quad ain’t the star. And it’s been boring this season until Mariah and Heavenly went at it. Had they not have beefed, this season would have been dry. Just saying.

  7. I definitely don’t watch the show for Quad. She could leave and I wouldn’t miss her. Her storyline has been the exact same…struggling marriage and she’s not ready to have kids…oh and hating Mariah ??‍♀️

  8. Sorry, although I loathe Quad it doesn’t look like that to me. This is a very old photo of Quad and it looks like they added folks like they snipped and glued and the photo of her that they used just happened to be centered this way. She is not the star of the show and if she doesn’t fix her marriage won’t be on it much longer……….

  9. I only like Toya, Mariah, and Contessa. I don’t like heavenly but she’s good for the show and keeps it entertaining. Simone knows how to stir the pot but Jackie and Quad are blah to me. Always have been.

  10. Look Quad is calculating and I can’t be mad at that. The others were dumb enough to help her push Mariah to the back so she can make her way to the front. That’s their fault. I will say Toya had enough sense not to jump on the bandwagon.

  11. Quad need to go but before she go the ladies need to put her in her place in dismiss her out the circle the same way they did Mariah Toya keep doing what you do they can dismiss Dr.Heavenly she seems like a Phaedra parks off of rhoa i really do like this show

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