RHOA Recap: Kenya Goes off on the Producers + Even Takes Shots at Cynthia (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya ends up going all the way off on the producers and even goes off on her close friend Cynthia.

At one point, she even says she’s done with the show.

Here’s a recap of “Storming Out.”

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  1. This is why we have been asking for Kenya to go since her first season. She is obviously just there for the check and she brings literally nothing to the show but pettiness and fake storylines.

  2. Okay so Cynthia watched the episode like the rest of us. She heard what Kenya really felt about her so the real question is will she have some self respect and stop kissing her butt or will she pretend like it didn’t happen?

  3. Kenya is clearly not Cynthia’s real friend. This show is nothing more than a pay check for her. I say let her go if she wants to leave. I won’t miss her.

  4. Cynthia pay attention to so call friends. Hell she didn’t invite u to her wedding nor tell u about it. Kenya was wrong on Cynthia part. Something going on with kenya im like d***. Is she pregnant or no. She seem emotional and irritated. Kenya did state this not the time too discuss it.

  5. I’m actually surprised Kenya went off the way she did and even Cynthia wasn’t safe. I laughed so hard. But don’t hold your breath waiting on Cynthia to check her about this because she won’t.

  6. This episode was glorious. Kenya’s stans have no idea how to spin this one and Porsha truly did come out on top. All I’m seeing from people online is how horrible of a person Kenya is, how fake Cynthia is and how much people like Porsha. LOL.

  7. I told y’all Kenya is pregnant. So are y’all really going to drag a pregnant woman for being hormonal? If so that’s a new low!

  8. I think this episode is the most honest Kenya has ever been since she’s been on this show. She doesn’t view any of these women as her friends, she is just using this to pay her bills. She no longer wants to be there and it shows. But I’m sure she will blame all of this on editing.

  9. This bish is crazy. I mean she completely snapped for what exactly? Shamea wasn’t even rude to her. Kenya was rude the entire day and acted like she didn’t even want to be in Houston.

  10. What the hell does editing have to do with anything? Producers can only work with what you give them. If you act like a b-tch on film, that is what will be reflected on the episode. We literally saw her be a complete b-tch to Shamea for no reason, and even talk sh-t about Cynthia. That ain’t editing. That’s her once again showing that she has a nasty attitude. But I’m not surprised that all she had to say was “editing” for her annoying a-s stans to defend her.

  11. I know she didn’t say they were forcing a reaction and a scene for camera time when that’s been her M.O. since she came on the show.

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