Nelly Explains Why He Isn’t Married

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Nelly had a lengthy on and off romance with R&B singer Ashanti, and folks still wonder why marriage was never in the cards for them.

Now Nelly reveals in a recent interview with New York radio station Z 100 that he’s not married because he feels like marriage is supposed to last forever and he’s not going to let age dictate when he makes the big step.

He says:

“This is what I think about marriage. What people have embedded in their minds is marriage has to be by a certain age. That’s not what marriage is. Marriage is between you two. It’s almost like in this country to be married and divorced is better than to never been married and that’s not what I believe in.

“I believe in marriage til end. I believe in death do you part but somehow we leave that out. I’ve only seen marriage two ways in my family. My parents did not last five or six years. My grandparents who lasted up to 61 years.

“If I want anything, I want like my grandparents. I’d rather be married for the last five years of my life. I’d rather I’d die married. My goal is to die married.”

Nelly also feels like society puts too much pressure on people to get married. Click next for the details.

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  1. Am I the only one who can see he’s still into Ashanti? I know he’s with Shantel but it just sounds like he’s kind of talking about his situation with Ashanti.

  2. Nelly needs to shut the f-ck up. This is the same sh-t these bum a-s n-ggas love to tell women to make them shut the f-ck up about marriage. A real man is not going to wait until he is 65 to get married. He understands it’s absolutely f-ck boy logic to make a good woman wait that long. I’m glad Ashanti finally let his a-s go. Now he can waste Shantel’s time.

  3. I mean it’s really simple. If you can’t see yourself marrying someone, then don’t date them. That way no one’s time is wasted.

  4. This kind of goes back to what David Banner has been saying. We’re weak as a community because black men and black women have a disconnect. And now we’re trying to talk down marriage and make it seem so unnecessary but we won’t stop having babies out of wedlock. We need to get back to having strong family foundations. Marriage is not bad. It’s actually one of the keys to creating wealth if you marry the right person.

  5. Wait, what? Why keep bringing children in this world just to have baby mamas. He seem to think his selfishness is not affecting his kids. He says get married when you are ready, (I agree); but don’t have children so they can live in a single parent household. Don’t date someone for years and never pop the question. That is so a waste of her time. Women only have a certain window of to have kids before it is a risk or not be able to have children at all, and if they want to be married to the man they have been dating for 3 years or more, have vested all of their time and loyalty with and “He never pops the question” but is willing to pop a baby in her. He is soooo full of Sh*t. I’m just sayin!

  6. Did people forget that marriage is what God arranged for us? Not making baby mamas! I’m not saying that things cant go wrong or that a marriage doesn’t have its problems, but Maybe the country would be a lil better if people had a strong foundation, or family growing up. A lot of people act out because they never saw or felt what true commitment and love is

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