Amara La Negra Addresses Cardi B and Hennessy Drama + Ebro Calls out Charlamagne

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra has been very vocal about colorism in the Latin community, and it’s one of the reasons her cast mate Young Hollywood has been receiving so much backlash.

However, the comparisons to Cardi B have been getting in the way of Amara’s message, and it’s clear that Cardi and her sister Hennessy Carolina just weren’t here for it.

Especially since it’s been argued that Cardi’s complexion may have given her an advantage in the music business.

Amara addressed this during her recent interview with Hot 97.

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  1. Amara is such a good person because I think would have dragged Cardi and her sister had they came at me the way they came at her.

  2. The nerve of Ebro trying to call Charlamagne out when he works at a radio staton that has replaced black employees with white latinos.

  3. It’s so strange to me how bothered some people are about Amara speaking out on something that has been going on forever.

    1. No one wants to admit their privilege. I would have been shocked if Cardi and her sister were like yeah Amara is so right. Colorism is terrible. Not gonna happen.

  4. People don’t like when black women speak up. We see how they are doing Monique and I’ve already started to see some black women try to tear down Amara as well and calling her a fraud of dumb reasons like wearing afro extensions.

  5. She’s wasting her time because all 3 (Cardi, Charlamagne and Hennessy) are ignorant. They will never understand what she has been trying to say because that would require maturity and humility.

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