Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Performance Slashes His Album Sales

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By: A.J. Niles

Justin Timberlake’s reputation has been reeling since his Super Bowl 52 Halftime performance this past Sunday.

People have been very critical of the use of Prince’s likeness during his performance.

As they’ve criticized him on social media, it’s been reported that the sales projections of his latest project, “Man of the Woods,” have been slashed.

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  1. Black people are the pulse of pop culture. If we don’t like someone, it’s only a matter of time before their run ends. Especially when they are imitating us through their craft. We decide what’s cool, what’s good. And that’s why it’s so infuriating when we beg for white people to validate us with their meaningless awards. Simply put, JT was already on thin ice for the Janet thing. But this whole going back to his white roots with this album, and using Prince to benefit his performance when he shaded him while he was alive…that was the final straw.

    1. Finally!!! Someone who understands that Blacks are the trendsetters of this world for the most part and if we don’t think something is popping , then it doesn’t do well.

  2. His image has taken a few hits. It also didn’t help that he abandoned the formula that always made him successful which is having lead singles with popular black rappers as a feature.

  3. He went from being projected to sell 700,000 to 250,000? Ouch. He can either learn from this or keep being tone deaf to the criticisms, which angers people even more.

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