LHHMIA Reunion Tea

It’s been an eventful first season for “Love and Hip Hop Miami.”

One storyline that has been dominate is Amara La Negra’s situation with Young Hollywood.

The up and coming music producer made some insensitive comments about Amara’s afro, and even though he ended up apologizing, he’s still been taking shots at Amara in interviews.

Shay Johnson has been clashing with her ex Pleasure P, but she’s made new enemies along the way including Chinese Kitty and Chinese Nicky.

And Bobby Lytes was cheated on and dumped by Jeffrey.

So it’s no surprise that the reunion had plenty of drama.

According to The LHH Tea, it went down:

2 of 2Next


    1. If i were offered a milli to tell someone what happened during this season on NY i would be just as broke as i am now tomorrow. I mean i haven’t been able to keep my attention on a whole episode

    1. Trina’s friends with Joy. I dislike Shay so much here. Liked when she was in atl with scrappy but definitely team Bambz lol

  1. I wish Trina would have paid Shay dust. She’s clearly trying to do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t get fired by Mona again.

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