‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Dr. Simone & Cecil Whitmore Working on Their Marriage?

By: A.J. Niles

Married to Medicine” has been quite intense and dramatic this season. A highlight from the season is Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore announcing their divorce during their reunion taping.

However, a recent tweet from Cecil Whitmore may be giving fans hope this isn’t the case. Things may be finally working out between the couple.

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  1. I think Cecil and Simone need to both learn how to respect one another. You can’t be out here investing and buying cars without talking to your spouse first. Simone also needs to stop threatening a divorce when she doesn’t get her way. And Cecil needs to calm down all that sass he has. He’s shaded Simone quite a bit on the show and I feel that’s inappropriate.

    1. I think Simone and Cecil are both at that middle age and are scare that they both don`t know what to do with each other since the children are leaving the nest .Life has gotten real for them now no children its time for them to go back and spend time together some alone time just them two. Start to date again like they just met each other for the first time but at 50.

  2. Simone making it about her!! You can’t go and purchase a car and not tell him and get mad because he made a purchase and didn’t tell her. Its not tic for tac its wrong on Both side!! They have to communicate. And why Heavenly and her husband can’t speak about there dark side in their marriage??.and Toya need a job she is disrespectful to her husband rather he want call a thing a thing it is what it is. And that DAM Quad is so Disrespectful!!!! Mirah put her down and her husband married her And took care of her they Both able her to have a platform and all she complaining about is that she takes the trash out!!! SMH. I take the trash out occassionally mow the yard, thats marriage its a team. She better wake up!!!!

  3. Quad seems selfish to me. She doesn’t take criticism well at all. Dr G has a flaming temper and I think Quad not giving him a child is the underlying issue. Quad used to b my fab of them all but the last 2 episodes she appears to be very self-centered and is working to separate her income from her husband NOW that she thinks she’s arrived. To ya is disrespectful and Cecil and Simone don’t listen to each other. Heavenly is so funny and her husband is the coolest. The new couple seem very grounded and Dr Contessa is very logical.

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