LHHNY Recap: Juju Shuts Down Anais + Safaree & MariahLynn Get Put on Blast

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the final part of the reunion for season eight of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” things got really interesting between Juju and Safaree.

Safaree has been open about his feelings for Juju, but he got put on blast by the producers for making out with MariahLynn in a hot tub in a deleted scene that was played for the cast.

This seemingly infuriated Juju, who then lashed out at Anais over her clash with Yandy.

Here’s a recap of “The Reunion Part 2.”

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  1. Juju was mad as f-ck. You can tell she does like Safaree but she doesn’t trust his a-s. He will do anything for a storyline and she knows that sh-t.

  2. I personally feel like Juju was doing too much. I like her and all but how are you in your feelings about Safaree’s clown a-s? Yes, I saw what he’s working with but that’s all he brings to the table. Then he has the nerve to be a cheater on top of that. Don’t do it girl. And it was corny for her to try to drag Anais just because she was mad about Safaree and MariahLynn.

  3. Besides his d-ck, what do women see in Safaree? Juju needs to remember she can do much better. But I have a feeling they are going to end up together.

  4. So Yandy looked up to a couple that was engaged damn near forever just to break up eventually? The got damn irony.

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