More Behind the Scenes Drama for ‘Braxton Family Values’

Photo Credit: WE TV

By: A.J. Niles

The sixth season of “Braxton Family Values” premieres this Thursday night, and there’s already drama among the sisters.

Sources claim Tamar is furious with her family over their alleged treatment of estranged husband Vincent Herbert. Also, Tamar confirmed via her appearance on “The View” that although she filed for divorce, she doesn’t want Vince vilified.

As a result, she reportedly isn’t promoting the season with her sisters.

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  1. Yeah you can’t air out your husband on Instagram and then get mad when your family sees him as a villain. Stop it Tamar.

  2. I hope Tamar didn’t really say all this considering she put Vince on blast before anyone else did. Just to turn around and say some friend of hers gave her fake tea and she believed it for a hot second.

  3. I guess Tamar forgot we’ve seen Vince show his a-s already on their own show in earlier seasons. Ain’t nobody lying on him. It’s just that the truth hurts. She’ll be aight.

  4. Oh Tamar please. I hope this is not true because she’s doing the same stuff she’s accusing them of. And what she did to Laura Govan is beyond messy and she still hasn’t apologized for that. So she needs to have a stadium of seats.

  5. I know Tamar ain’t crying considering what her messy a-s has done to people in the past. And Vince is out here biting her fingers in hotels and sh-t. Ain’t nobody gotta lie on his a-s. Their marriage is toxic and that ain’t a damn secret.

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