‘BFV’ Recap: Tamar Walks Out on Sisters After Confronted About Divorce

The show’s cameras documented what happened during the divorce process.

Toni and Trina learn of Tamar’s Divorce by blogs.

The episode opens at Toni’s house with Towanda stopping by. Toni is washing clothes. Her relationship with Birdman is going well, according to Toni.

Her trip to Dubai went well. She’s also in the process of preparing a new album.

Meanwhile, Towanda is performing in the play “Two Can Play That Game.” Toni thinks it will be a good idea to surprise the sisters, but her mood changes when Towanda shows her an article talking about their sister Tamar.

Tamar filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert, which surprises Toni and Towanda. Toni and Towanda think she doesn’t want to talk about it, so they call Trina. The news shocks Trina, and she feels disappointed to find out in the media.

They then call Traci, and she doesn’t think she’s going to go through with a divorce.

“She loves her Teddy Rupxin.” – Traci

Meanwhile, Tamar is in New York doing press for the past season of “Tamar and Vince.” During one interview, she tells the hosts her marriage has been difficult.

Toni denies being married.

Later on, back in LA, Toni has Towanda, Trina and Traci over again. This time, Toni has Deepali over who is a henna artist. Deepli does hennas for everyone.

Traci asks for a “trampstamp,” while everyone else gets one on their hands. Toni then gifts everyone hijabs from Dubai, and gets everyone to try one on.

Towanda and the other sisters congratulate Toni on her Soul Train’s Legend Award. The honor celebrates Toni’s 20 plus year singing career. The sisters also ask about Toni’s alleged marriage to Birdman.

“You know word around town is you’re married.” – Towanda

“Word around town is you’re lying.” – Toni

It’s mentioned Tamar got on TV and said Toni got married secretly, but Toni denies this happened.

Traci and Trina recall times when Tamar talked badly about their divorces.

Next, Traci and Trina are wig shopping for the Soul Train Awards.

As they are shopping, Traci tells Trina she’s going to be a grandmother, and Trina faints.

Kevin, Jr, and Oliviah are expecting and Traci doesn’t seem to be too excited about it. She hoped Kevin “had lived” before he had a baby. Next, their mom calls and Trina makes Traci tell her the news.

Their mom is really happy for the news and Traci and Trina are shocked she’s happy.

When Evelyn hangs up, they talk about Tamar’s divorce. A flashback is played from season two when Trina told her family about her divorce. Tamar praise danced when Trina told the news.

They are having dinner with Tamar soon and they hope Tamar talks about the divorce.

Tamar runs off from dinner with her sisters.

All of the sisters meet up for dinner for the first time after Tamar announced the divorce. They hope to hear Tamar talk about the divorce. But first, they notice Toni appears to be wearing an engagement ring. She doesn’t speak on it, yet.

During the dinner, Tamar pulls out a microphone and puts it in Toni’s face.

“So how is the marriage?” – Tamar

Traci jumps in and says, “You’re the one with the tea! Sit over there and tell us.”

This sets Tamar back, who gets quiet. Traci and Tamar go back and forth. Toni flat-out asked Tamar if she’s getting a divorce, and she says yes.

Tamar then tells her sisters what Vince said when Tamar told him about the divorce; “You’re sure you don’t want to go counseling?” Next, Traci and Trina want to know what to say to people and the media inquiring about Tamar’s divorce.

Tamar tells the sisters, “Tell them to mind their f***ing business.”

Traci brings up how Tamar got on everyone else’s marriages back in season one. Tamar apologizes and says she shouldn’t be attacked.

During their conversation, she calls her an Über, leaving early. As she leaves, she argues with Trina. Trina isn’t happy that Tamar “shouted.” Trina says she needs to stop being the “baby,’ and Traci says, “She needs to be a grown woman.”

Despite this, Toni says everyone will still rally around Tamar.

Tamar skips out on Towanda’s play.

The next day, Traci and Trina go shopping for “Bar Chix.”

When they recap their dinner, Traci says, “Tamar is Tamar.” Trina says that Tamar was quick to judge them during their divorces. But they think Tamar will come around.

However, they aren’t sure if Tamar will show up to the premiere of Towanda’s play.

As they’re shopping, Towanda is preparing for her performance in “Two Can Play That Game.” She’s a singer and an alternate for Vivian Green and Porsha Williams. As Towanda is preparing, Evelyn, Traci and Trina stop by.

Toni shows up next with her son Denim. Toni tells them Tamar won’t show up. Tamar apparently didn’t want to deal with the media asking her about the divorce. This disappoints Towanda but she goes on to perform in her play.

She’s really excited to be in the play. Afterwards, Towanda meets her family, except Tamar for dinner. They all congratulate her for her performance.

Traci lays news of being a grandmother to Towanda.

The news turns to Tamar’s divorce and Traci brings up how Tamar talked badly about their’s. Towanda says Tamar was insensitive, calling her ex-husband a babysitter.

Towanda wishes Tamar would acknowledge she was rude towards her. She also says it was rude Tamar didn’t call her about now showing up.

Towanda confronts Tamar.

The next day, Evelyn and Towanda check in on Tamar at her new apartment. Tamar welcomes them in and shows them around. Evelyn brings up to Tamar, who calls her place small, that she was invisible to Vince in her bigger home.

“It depends on who you’re there with.” – Evelyn

Towanda jumps into things next, asking why Tamar didn’t show up to the play. Tamar replies, “Because I’m in hiding. I ain’t been outside.”

“When I say I haven’t been anywhere, I even mean the grocery store, which is like my favorite place to go.” – Tamar

Towanda says she wish she knew about her feelings before the play. Tamar says she did text her, but Towanda reveals she got a text from Tamar after the play ended. She also didn’t want to hear from her other sisters; she wanted this news from Tamar directly.

Tamar wants Towanda off her back about this, noting she’s going through a “very public” divorce. However, she does apologize and tells Towanda she did amazing from the clips she saw on Instagram.

Eventually, they hug it out. They talk about Trina and Traci planning Toni’s birthday party. They are really skeptical their sisters can make it a success.

Things get tense again when Evelyn ask about Tamar walking of their dinner with Toni, Traci and Trina. Evelyn notes Tamar isn’t ready to talk about the divorce yet.

The episode ends with Tamar saying, “I don’t want any drama.”

What are your thoughts on the premiere?

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  1. Tamar never stands by the shade she throws. She really did think her marriage was better and Vince was perfect.

  2. There are actually people on Twitter defending Tamar and shaming her sisters. It’s like Tamar is always the victim and they turn a blind eye to her actions that lead to reactions from her sisters.

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