RHOA Recap: Porsha Clashes with Sheree, Kim & Marlo at Halloween Party

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the season ten finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha has a fallout with Sheree.

The fallout is caused by Shamea informing Sheree of a private text message conversation.

Kim and Lauren get involved, making the conversation between Sheree and Porsha even worse.

This is followed by another intense moment with Marlo.

And when NeNe tries to convince Porsha to apologize to the group for past actions, she straight up refuses.

Here is a recap of “Nightmare on Peachtree Street.”

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  1. Can Sheree really get mad that Porsha doesn’t think she’s trustworthy when she shades Porsha in her green screens?

  2. Shamea once again shows that she is not a real friend. She’s so thirsty for a peach that she will sacrifice Porsha in the process.

    1. Porsha needs to understand this. But she keeps letting the fact that they went to high school together get in the way of her better judgment. Shamea wants in on this group and got married so she can get a peach. She will throw Porsha under a bus if she has to. She doesn’t care.

  3. I think they were trying to push Porsha off the show by this point so NeNe was trying to save her. Now I think Sheree and Kim will be pushed out.

  4. Porsha doesn’t owe anyone anything but Kandi. And the ball is in Kandi’s court on that because Porsha has been trying all season to move forward with Kandi but that’s been a flop. But how does she owe everyone else an apology? Especially two faced Marlo and Sheree? NeNe needs to stop.

  5. It’s disgusting that Porsha still doesn’t understand the severity of her role in the slander of Kandi.

    1. I think she does but she’s tired of it being everyone’s favorite means to shade and have storylines.

  6. Sheree is no one’s friend except Kim’s. She literally sits in her green screen interviews and shades everyone except Kim. Porsha was right to say what she said.

  7. Kim is one of the main reasons Sheree is such a delusional person. In what universe was Sheree’s costume better than Eva’s? I honestly feel like Kim likes to hype Sheree up so she can sit back and laugh at her.

  8. I’m starting to understand why Porsha had that crown on at the reunion. This whole season has pretty much revolved around her. Some of these girls need to move on and mind their business. That’s between Porsha and Kandi.

  9. Not Sheree shading Cynthia’s furniture when the camera showed that raggedy light switch fixture in her basement that still didn’t have a cover.

  10. Marlo likes to run behind people and provoke them. One day she’s going to try the wrong person.

  11. They need to leave Porsha alone. Porsha only repeated to KANDI what she HEARD! But they’re so forgiving of Nene saying that she hoped someone gets raped by a Uber driver And Porsha was tight to tell Shamea to not trust Sheree. look at how she runs her mouth! Shamea You shady for showing that to Sheree y’all were talking in confidence and that wasn’t any of Sheree’s business. none of these girls are real life friends anyway I’m getting sick of them

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