RHOA Recap: Porsha Clashes with Sheree, Kim & Marlo at Halloween Party

Porsha’s getting rave reviews.

Vivica and Porsha discuss the Two Can Play That Game play on Dish Nation. While promoting it, Vivica says that she is so proud of Porsha’s progress.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she has been working hard to focus on advancing her acting career.

Eva and Kandi have a play date.

They take their kids to carve pumpkins and Kandi even looks for one to buy.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she really likes Eva and she hasn’t seen her act like the diva she’s rumored to be.

Kandi suggests they have a Halloween party. That way they can also celebrate the fact that Eva has relocated to Atlanta and Eva’s upcoming birthday.

They then discuss potential guests.

Eva says she doesn’t know Kim like that and Eva says that NeNe and Kim are currently on bad terms.

When Porsha’s name comes up, Kandi makes it clear she’s not thrilled about Porsha coming. But she says she’s not a hater and has no issue if Eva invites her.

Later, Eva meets with NeNe and Cynthia at a Halloween costume party shop.

She tells them about her Halloween Party with Kandi, which will also celebrate her upcoming birthday, which is the day before the holiday.

Cynthia confirms she is bringing Will as her date. Eva assures her there won’t be any more drama.

Kim’s name comes up and NeNe says she doesn’t want to hear about Kim. She believes Kim is racist even though Kandi does not.

“I just hope they keep it real cute at my party.” – Eva

The subject changes into Porsha. NeNe still thinks she needs to apologize to the whole group for the Phaedra and Kandi situation.

So NeNe proposes they push Porsha to make the apology in front of everyone.

Cynthia worries this may upset Porsha.

Sheree shows off her new basement, and reveals her new beef with Porsha.

Kandi pops up by Sheree’s place.

Sheree shows Kandi her finished basement.

In a green screen interview, Sheree says she invited all the ladies to check out her new digs. Even NeNe (who won’t be showing up).

“I invited NeNe who I thought would be super free since she got fired from the Xscape Tour but I guess not.” – Sheree

Cynthia shows up not too long after and expresses to Sheree that she’s impressed. Sheree throws some shade in her green screen interview.

“It’s nice to know that Kandi and Cynthia are really loving my basement. Cynthia, who has her home full of Ikea, I wanted to show her what real furniture looked like.” – Sheree

Since she has a massage parlor in her basement, she also hired some women to come through and give massages and do their nails.

After everyone gets comfortable, Sheree tells them that Shamea told her that Porsha called her after she left Barcelona

and warned her not to trust any of the other women, even Sheree.

“The one who shouldn’t be trusted said that none of us should be trusted.” – Kandi

In a green screen interview, Kandi elaborates.

“I see that a lot with Porsha. A lot of people try to be friends with her, but she doesn’t know how to be a friend in return.” – Kandi

This makes Sheree feel some kind of way because she feels she’s had Porsha’s back the whole time.

So she is pumping the breaks on their friendship.

Cynthia tries to be the voice of reason and suggests Sheree talks to Porsha first before ending their friendship. Sheree disagrees though.

“I’m done.” – Sheree

She also says that Kim only deals with Porsha because she does.

“Oh, Kim only tolerates her because, uh, she was around me.”

“Oh, sh*t. So it’s like a package deal?” – Cynthia

Kandi laughs.

Porsha has her first day for the “Two Can Play That Game” play.

It’s opening night for the Two Can Play That Game play at the Fox Theatre.

Kenya and Cynthia arrive. Kenya says she didn’t mind coming because Porsha supported her PSA. She’s still unsure of Porsha’s true intentions behind it though.

When the play begins, Vivica comes out on stage in character and describes Porsha’s character as a “bonafide hoe.”

So of course Kenya throws some shade in her green screen interview.

“I think Porsha will do just fine. I mean she’s playing pretty true to type, so I don’t think it’s that hard.” – Kenya

Kandi tells Todd that after her tour with Xscape ends, her stint on Broadway begins. She wants Todd to come with her on tour.

She feels Mama Joyce can stay behind with the kids.

Todd jokingly brings up Porsha’s play and Kandi says she actually is happy to see Porsha acting again because she felt she did a great job in her play.

“You’re a special kid of person.” – Todd

“Why you say that?” – Kandi

“Cause I just wouldn’t be the same.” – Todd

Kandi laughs.

Back at the play, Kenya throws some shade at Vivica while in the audience seated next to Cynthia.

“Her face looks terrible.” – Kenya

She says even more in her green screen interview.

“Vivica’s performance is the same performance. It was just 20 years ago and 20 surgeries ago.” – Kenya

After the play ends. Cynthia and Kenya go backstage to give Porsha some love for her performance.

She’s really touched to see them out there. But she’s surprised that Sheree didn’t show up.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she’s been feeling alone lately thanks to the single life. So she’s glad to have the support of her family and friends.

Porsha clashes with Sheree, Kim and Marlo at Eva and Kandi’s costume party.

Eva has her costume party.

The guests begin to arrive and Kandi comes as the female Pennywise.

Cynthia comes as 50 Cent.

Kenya comes as a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Eva and Sheree both comes as Cleopatra.

Kim and Kroy come as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny.

While at the party, Will and Noelle meet. Noelle hopes to meet Will again in the future and get to know him.

Marlo arrives as one of the BAPS (Nisi). She has an older white gentleman as a her date and Mr. Blakemore.

Kenya throws shade in a green screen interview.

“I’m just shocked that Marlo hired this old white gentleman for the night. I mean, usually isn’t it the other way around?” – Kenya

Shamea comes as a “Messy Mermaid.” Porsha and Lauren arrive as a zombie brides.

It doesn’t take long for things to get messy. Sheree tells Marlo about what Shamea told her about Porsha. Marlo advises her to confront Porsha.

Sheree decides to do just that.

Gregg and NeNe walk in. Gregg is dressed as a roach and NeNe an exterminator.

This irritates Kim. In a green screen interview, NeNe said she wanted Kim to see that she’s a joke.

“Well I decided to be an exterminator because I just want Kim and her little sill a*s, dumb f****** family to know that we’re laughing at your a*s, b****. Hee-hee-ha-ha. B****, the joke is on you.” – NeNe

While Kroy says that NeNe and Gregg’s costume are “good humor,” Kim is salty and says “but it’s not funny.”

She later throws shade.

“NeNe, what else can she be when she has bugs in her house?” – Kim

This makes Eva uncomfortable, so she dismisses herself.

Kim calls Eva’s Cleopatra an “Aladdin Cleopatra” after she walks away. She feels Sheree nailed the look though.

“You (talking to Sheree) look f****** gorgeous, but she’s not even a pretty f****** Cleopatra. This is a pretty Cleopatra. That’s a f****** Aladdin Cleopatra.” – Kim

In green screen interview, the rest of the ladies strong disagree with Kim. Cynthia says Sheree’s Cleopatra was “not super memorable.” NeNe refuses to answer the question. Porsha said she had no idea Sheree was supposed to be Cleopatra.

Kandi walks up to Sheree to ask if she’s talked to Porsha yet about what Shamea told her. She says no.

Sheree says she was going to support Porsha’s play but changed her mind after Shamea gave her the intel.

Porsha has no idea about this and goes up to speak to Sheree. Sheree wastes no time in confronting her about it.

“Have I done something to you to say not to trust Sheree?” – Sheree

“No. What are you talking about?” – Porsha

Shamea explains that she told Sheree about what Porsha told her after she left Barcelona early. In a green screen interview, Porsha ponders why Shamea would show a private text message conversation between them to Sheree.

Sheree says that she feels she always had Porsha’s back.

Lauren interjects herself into the conversation when things get testy. Sheree does not like this and exchanges some words with Lauren.

“Well I’m talking.” – Lauren

“Well you shouldn’t be.” – Sheree

At this point, Porsha gets upset. She calls for a “time out.”

“She good.” – Porsha

“Yeah, she good right there.”

Kim gets mad and says that you have to look at someone’s character in trying situations. Porsha then claps back and tells Kim that it’s not right to judge anybody’s character.

“That’s what I said ‘cause yours is very questionable.” – Porsha

When Kim asks her what she meant by that, Porsha ignores her. She then tries to explain what she meant by what she told Shamea. She says she was really clashing with the rest of the ladies during the Barcelona trip and that’s why she said what she said.  Kim calls this “BS” and Porsha then asks Sheree if they can talk in private.

Sheree insists that Kim be around for the conversation since Lauren was talking for Porsha earlier.

Porsha is over it at this point, and Sheree walks away with Kim.

In a green screen interview, Sheree says she’s over Porsha.

“Some people know how to be a friend and other people don’t. And after hearing what Porsha said, I don’t really think she knows how to be a friend, and this is something that all of these girls have said about her. I didn’t want to believe it but I believe it now.” – Sheree

NeNe then walks over to Porsha to talk about her being accountable and Marlo interrupts. Porsha grows silent and ignores Marlo when she tries to explain their blowup in Barcelona.

After Marlo gets rude when Porsha does not give her any attention, she gets aggressive. Porsha walks away and Marlo walks behind her, seemingly trying to instigate another blowup.

Lauren tells Marlo to back off and Shamea tries to restrain Marlo.

“This b**** is following me around the party.” – Porsha

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she refuses to let Marlo win and make her snap. She makes it clear that she does believe she could square up with Marlo if need be, though.

“I’ve been to the gym. Can you keep up?” – Porsha

Porsha calls out Marlo and says she is trying to provoke her. NeNe has enough and checks Marlo.

“Let it go.” – NeNe

Marlo agrees to back off and insists she will never apologize to Porsha again.

NeNe then pulls Porsha to the side to ice again discuss her taking accountability.

“I know we had our situation but now Sheree is upset with you. Marlo is upset with you. Kandi is upset with you. How can you get on the other side?” – NeNe

Well, I don’t owe them sh**.” – Porsha

“But Porsha…you got too many people trying to be against you at one time.” – NeNe

“And they all can kiss my black a**.” – Porsha

“You got to move on. What if all the girls came and stood right here and you apologize? Just take full accountability…” – NeNe

“No, because they’re fake as f***.  I ain’t fittin’ to hold no got d*** town hall meeting. I don’t know how much more sorry you want, honey.” – Porsha

NeNe gives up at this point.

Eva and Kandi hand out the awards for the best costumes, and Cynthia is the winner, while Marlo is the runner up.

Season wrap up:

Cynthia is still getting to know Will after nine months of dating.

NeNe is back on the road doing a one woman stand up show.

Porsha wrapped up her play, which came to 12 cities.

Kandi is keeping busy with the Escape Tour and Broadway. She also plans to have a OLG food truck soon. Todd will help her.

Sheree’s chateau is complete. Tyrone won’t be released until 2022.

Kenya and Marc are still enjoying being newlyweds. They are still working on a baby.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. Can Sheree really get mad that Porsha doesn’t think she’s trustworthy when she shades Porsha in her green screens?

  2. Shamea once again shows that she is not a real friend. She’s so thirsty for a peach that she will sacrifice Porsha in the process.

    1. Porsha needs to understand this. But she keeps letting the fact that they went to high school together get in the way of her better judgment. Shamea wants in on this group and got married so she can get a peach. She will throw Porsha under a bus if she has to. She doesn’t care.

  3. I think they were trying to push Porsha off the show by this point so NeNe was trying to save her. Now I think Sheree and Kim will be pushed out.

  4. Porsha doesn’t owe anyone anything but Kandi. And the ball is in Kandi’s court on that because Porsha has been trying all season to move forward with Kandi but that’s been a flop. But how does she owe everyone else an apology? Especially two faced Marlo and Sheree? NeNe needs to stop.

  5. It’s disgusting that Porsha still doesn’t understand the severity of her role in the slander of Kandi.

    1. I think she does but she’s tired of it being everyone’s favorite means to shade and have storylines.

  6. Sheree is no one’s friend except Kim’s. She literally sits in her green screen interviews and shades everyone except Kim. Porsha was right to say what she said.

  7. Kim is one of the main reasons Sheree is such a delusional person. In what universe was Sheree’s costume better than Eva’s? I honestly feel like Kim likes to hype Sheree up so she can sit back and laugh at her.

  8. I’m starting to understand why Porsha had that crown on at the reunion. This whole season has pretty much revolved around her. Some of these girls need to move on and mind their business. That’s between Porsha and Kandi.

  9. Not Sheree shading Cynthia’s furniture when the camera showed that raggedy light switch fixture in her basement that still didn’t have a cover.

  10. They need to leave Porsha alone. Porsha only repeated to KANDI what she HEARD! But they’re so forgiving of Nene saying that she hoped someone gets raped by a Uber driver And Porsha was tight to tell Shamea to not trust Sheree. look at how she runs her mouth! Shamea You shady for showing that to Sheree y’all were talking in confidence and that wasn’t any of Sheree’s business. none of these girls are real life friends anyway I’m getting sick of them

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