‘Atlanta’ Recap: Darius Gets Caught Up With A Strange Man Named Teddy Perkins

Photo Credit: FX Networks

By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s episode of “Atlanta,” Darius found himself within a strange adventure of his own. When meeting a man named Teddy Perkins for a piano, he gets himself unintentionally caught up in serious family drama.

During the episode, there are many references to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Here is the recap for the episode, “Teddy Perkins.”

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  1. Very creepy! I mean he REALLY wanted that piano by any means necessary!lol I wanna see his new movie too, can’t wait tell it comes out!

  2. Cray Cray episode but I kept watching. I would have fled when I first saw Teddy hahaaaaaa forget that piano, I kept wondering how was he going to load it on the truck my himself and did he get the piano ??? at the end you saw the po po or coroners peeps moving it????

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