BFV Recap: The Family Shows Up for Toni + Evelyn Breaks Down About Tamar

Michael Sr. and Trina continue their conversation about Tamar and Vince.

The episode opens back in Las Vegas. Michael Sr. and Trina are still having their passionate conversation about Tamar and Vince’s relationship.

Trina is furious with Michael being passive about Tamar’s possible abuse she’s suffering allegedly in her relationship. Traci mentions that Michael taught them to be passive. However, he thanks Traci and Trina for opening his eyes to the possible abuse.

They discuss if Tamar will appear at Toni’s birthday and they aren’t sure. They also want to keep things special for Toni’s day. In fact, Michael has a “surprise” planned for everyone.

Afterwards, Trina and Traci hit a cannabis shop on the strip. They are looking for something to help them “unwind.” They look at a THC-infused bath bombs.

Toni calls her birthday party “boring.”

It’s time for Toni’s birthday and Traci and Trina have their room decked with photos of Toni throughout the years. However, Towanda can’t show up and Tamar is still in hiding.

Toni eventually shows up and is happy to see her family. Evelyn is in some kind of mood, and Toni immediately notices. Toni also hopes Tamar isn’t too stressed over her divorce drama.

Trina and Traci lighten the mood by showing off their outfits. Next, Michael leaves to get his “surprise.”

When he comes back, Michael shows up dressed as Mother Eva, Toni’s grandmother, his mom.

“He’s a clown from his heart.” – Evelyn

Toni gets weird when he pulls out a plush cat from his pants.

“This party is not what I envisioned.” – Trina

Toni called the party boring. However, Toni thanked her family for throwing her the party.

Towanda reveals she’s going on a date with someone new.

Back in Atlanta, Towanda FaceTimes Trina and Traci to find out what happened at the party. When they answer, they tell Towanda the party was boring. Despite this, Towanda says she wasn’t happy she couldn’t make it.

During the conversation, they wondered if Tamar didn’t want to talk to her family about the divorce. Towards is concerned about this and her family.

“Everyone is going through an emotional time right now, and I can’t wait for everyone to heal from it.” – Towanda

Next, Towanda reveals she has a date after the show. Traci and Trina try to get the tea about the date, but Towanda ends the call.

Despite everything, The Braxtons show up and support Tamar and Toni.

It’s the night of the Soul Train Awards and everyone in Vegas is on the way to the show together. Evelyn and Michael are very cordial, getting along. Trina says they all should take this cue from their parents and leave the drama behind.

Tamar arrives and walks the red carpet, but she doesn’t talk to anybody. Toni arrives next and she’s happy everyone that could make it will be there to support.

However, Trina is hoping no one else says anything to cause drama. The press caught up with Evelyn on the red carpet and Evelyn told them, “I am praying about it.”

In her interview, she says, “I say what I say and I keep it moving.”

Inside, Tamar performed, and Traci said she “knocked it out the box.”

“Stevie Wonder can see right now.” – Traci

Trina thinks this support will allow everyone to eventually come together and talk. In the audience, Tamar sat near Evelyn.

Toni called out her family, thanking them. She also appreciated receiving the award from Soul Train. She called it one of her happiest moments ever. During her performance, she saw Tamar and got her to sing with her during the performance.

Traci tells Michael Sr. he’s a great-grandfather.

The next day, everyone headed back home. Trina and Michael are back in Baltimore and she has her dad to stop by her home. She tells Michael Sr. that she’s going to be a grandmother.

“It’s gonna be a new day for him… My father told me when you leave the barn, take your babies with you.” – Michael Sr.

Both Michael and Traci agree that they wish Traci’s son Kevin were better prepared before having a baby. Next, the conversation turns to Tamar.

Traci says she saw Tamar at the award show but they haven’t talked since. They both were impressed with her performance.

Towanda and Trina tease one another about their dates, and talk about Tamar.

Back in Atlanta, Towanda and Trina head out for dinner. The last time they talked, Towanda told Trina about a date, and Trina wants her to spill the details. However, Towanda tries to get Trina to spill tea about her new beaux.

But first, Trina fills Towanda in on the tea on what happened in Vegas. Trina waits for their cocktails to come out before she gives the play-by-play.

Towanda understands that divorce can be tough in the public eye. She then says she just needs time to heal.

She then tells Trina that the parent “must always protect their children.”

Overall, Trina is still salty over Tamar not talking to any of them in Vegas. Trina tells Towanda that she is going out with Evelyn for coffee to talk about everything.

Traci and Kevin Sr. have a talk with Kevin Jr.

Back in Baltimore, Traci and Kevin Sr talk to Kevin Jr about becoming grandparents. Kevin Sr. wants to know their plans to take care of their grand baby.

Traci emphasizes they aren’t living with her anymore. She also wants to put Kevin Jr. and Oliviah through a “baby boot camp.”

Evelyn breaks down about Tamar.

In Atlanta, Trina meets Evelyn for coffee. They haven’t talked since their trip to Las Vegas. When they get seated, they get right into things. They talk about Tamar not showing up for Toni’s party. They were happy Tamar showed up to the Soul Train Awards.

Evelyn tells Trina that she still hasn’t talked to Tamar since the TMZ story broke. When Trina asks Evelyn if she will see Tamar before she goes on tour, Evelyn says, “I hope so.”

“I think we need to sit and talk…” – Evelyn

Despite what she said to TMZ, she wants Tamar to do what’s best for her and her relationship.

Trina says she shouldn’t isolate herself from her family.

When Trina says she “washed her hands” of Tamar and Vince, Evelyn says she can’t do that.

At that point, Evelyn begins to cry. Trina gets up and hugs her mom.

At the end, Trina hopes Tamar realizes that her family doesn’t want to hurt her. They just want her to see things for what they really are.

“Come on Lord, let’s get something done..” – Evelyn

At the end of the episode, Evelyn says she has to let it go.

“I can’t let it kill me.” – Evelyn

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  1. Evelyn is messy as sh-t. She can’t forget that she ran to TMZ and spilled all the tea. Of course Tamar is going to be mad at her.

    1. Exactly and that’s why she cried cause she knows she talked to much. It wasn’t her truth to tell. Furthermore, I’m not with that crap about her child, Tamar as well as the rest of them are grown women making choices and living their lives, she sounds like the woman is 10 years old. I got nothing for Ms. E, after all she’s the one who told the story about Tamar & Vince beefing and how she simply laid back down with Logan and listened and waited for it to be over. Where was, her jumping out there & telling him to back off her child then, she’s full of it, she didn’t even say that their own child could hear them. Go sit down Ms. E, you doing to much and not enough when you should.

  2. I don’t even like Tamar but her family is really on one right now. They are telling all her business and it’s not cool.

  3. Tamar is no different than her mother and sisters except for Toni.She has discussed her sister’s marital issues,she has made insensitive comments when they were going thru divorces.She is just as messy ,if not more messy,than them.

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