BFV Recap: The Family Shows Up for Toni + Evelyn Breaks Down About Tamar

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By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values,” Traci and Trina host Toni’s birthday party, but Tamar is a no-show. Despite this, everyone shows up at the Soul Train Awards to support Tamar and Toni.

Lastly, Traci and Kevin Sr. begin to prepare their son for fatherhood, Towanda and Trina tease each other about their “dates,” and Evelyn breaks down about Tamar’s divorce.

Here is the recap for, “Living Legend.”

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  1. Evelyn is messy as sh-t. She can’t forget that she ran to TMZ and spilled all the tea. Of course Tamar is going to be mad at her.

    1. Exactly and that’s why she cried cause she knows she talked to much. It wasn’t her truth to tell. Furthermore, I’m not with that crap about her child, Tamar as well as the rest of them are grown women making choices and living their lives, she sounds like the woman is 10 years old. I got nothing for Ms. E, after all she’s the one who told the story about Tamar & Vince beefing and how she simply laid back down with Logan and listened and waited for it to be over. Where was, her jumping out there & telling him to back off her child then, she’s full of it, she didn’t even say that their own child could hear them. Go sit down Ms. E, you doing to much and not enough when you should.

  2. I don’t even like Tamar but her family is really on one right now. They are telling all her business and it’s not cool.

  3. Tamar is no different than her mother and sisters except for Toni.She has discussed her sister’s marital issues,she has made insensitive comments when they were going thru divorces.She is just as messy ,if not more messy,than them.

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