‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky & Donna Come to Blows + Teddy Gets Fed up with Sky

Richard tells the gang how his meeting with his baby mamas went.

“There’s good parts and there’s bad parts.” – Richard

In a green screen interview, Richard says that he’s happy he made ground with Kathie. He also tells them he’s going to bring the baby by the shop so everyone can see her.

Donna says she doesn’t think the baby is his in her green screen interview.

The topic then changes into Young Bae’s pregnancy.

Bae says she hates being pregnant.

Kitty tries to hush her up because Donna just lost a baby recently. But Donna joins in on the conversation and says Bae needs to embrace the experience.

She also offers to be Bae’s doula. Bae takes her up on her offer.

Moments later, Alex hands Cease the money back he paid to bail Alex out of jail ($1300). Cease is impressed.

“I wasn’t even expecting this money back.” – Cease

Walt is making progress.

After the recovery meeting, Walt is now back to focusing on photography.

His kids FaceTime him. He’s happy to hear from them while they are living in Illinois.

Walt’s son says it’s too quiet out there and he’s not feeling it.

This makes Walt feel guilty because he knows that their hearts are in New York.

But he assures them he is working hard so they can come back to the big city.

Before hanging up, he tells them he loves them both.

Sky targets Jadah, again.

Teddy has a new dog and brings it to the shop. He says his building doesn’t allow dogs so he’s not sure what to do with it.

He’s thinking about giving the dog to someone at the shop. But Sky offers to co-parent the pup. Cease thinks this is a bad idea considering Sky and Teddy’s history.

Jadah comes to the shop and vents about Donna moving out. It’s going to cost her an extra $1800 a month without Donna as a roommate.

She says she’s trying to be understanding about what Donna just went through, but she can’t pay rent in emotions.

This irritates Sky because Sky feels Jadah is being selfish and insensitive. Plus she feels it’s Jadah’s responsibility to make sure she can pay her bills.

Sky starts taunting Jadah. She tells her that Donna may be moving out because she doesn’t want to live with someone who likes other people’s sloppy seconds.

After Sky walks out the shop, Jadah calls out Teddy for not ever standing up to Sky.

“She don’t bother me. She leaves me alone.” – Teddy

Teddy feels he doesn’t have to do anything about Sky’s behavior because she’s not coming after him, just Jadah.

Jadah says he’s “acting like a p*ssy” and knocks his hat off his head before leaving. He shakes his head in annoyance.

Alex gets some advice from Ceaser.

Cease takes Alex to the back of the shop to have a small talk.

He tells Alex that he’s proud of him and he’s convinced Alex will make it at the shop. Alex gets emotional and tells him that he views Cease as a big brother.

Alex explains his relationship with his father isn’t good because his father is a drug dealer and an alcoholic.

“I cut him off like a year ago.” – Alex

It’s also confirmed that Alex is keeping his son away from his dad to protect him. But Cease says that his dad passed away and he regrets not having a good relationship with him. So Cease urges Alex to reach out to his father and not make the same mistake he did.

Sky crosses the line with Teddy.

Teddy meets with Sky.

He invites her to dinner and wants to confront her about her behavior. Meanwhile, Sky thinks this is a legit dinner date. She’s even thinking he would be great to have a baby with.

They have a conversation about where they stand. He tells her he loves her but he feels like she’s too possessive. He wants to understand why Sky can do what she wants with her love life but he can’t. So he tells her she needs to stay out of his love life and he will sleep with any Black Ink employee he wants to.

“You gotta stop trying to dictate my life.” – Teddy

Teddy stresses that Sky has to also stop picking on women at the shop that he’s messing with.

Sky then strikes him in the face and tells him to “shut the f*** up.”

Teddy shuts down. Obviously very angry, he stops talking and just picks up his phone. He begins to ignore Sky and gives the phone his undivided attention. Sky gets upset and says “fine.” She says there’s no ring on his finger and he can do what he wants.

She says goodbye before walking out. Teddy doesn’t answer or look away from his phone.

Bae comes by to see Donna for pregnancy coaching.

In a green screen interview, Bae says she only agreed to this because she complained about being pregnant after Donna lost a baby. She is instructed to practice changing diapers, as Donna tells her about women sometimes pooping on themselves while giving birth.

This freaks out Bae.

Donna even shows Bae some horrifying pictures of childbirth. However, she manages to calm Bae down afterwards.

“You’re going to be a great mom.” – Donna

Bae is starting to feel better about becoming a mother.

Alex meets up with his father.

They meet at a restaurant.

He explains to his father that he’s been distant because he feels like his father was abusive towards him while he was drunk.

“That made me scared of you.” – Alex

His dad explains he was hard on him because of what he endured in prison.

“Either you’re gonna be a wolf or you’re gonna be a sheep.” – Alex’s father

Alex is also upset that his dad assaulted him while he was holding his son.

“I think I disowned you that day.” – Alex

“I hate that day.” – Alex’s father

He admits to Alex he was out of line and regrets that day. He apologizes and Alex breaks down in tears. His father consoles him and says he will never hurt them again.

Sky and Teddy share an embrace.

The gang gets together to meet Richard and Nikki’s new daughter.

In green screen interviews, Kitty and Cease continue to doubt the child’s father is Richard.

Walt takes photos for the special moment and Teddy says he’s happy to see him with a camera again.

Sky comes and brings Elliott, her potential gay baby daddy.

She wants to see how he reacts to all the baby stuff.

Of course she tells Bae to keep an eye on him and report back.

Jadah is no longer angry at Donna since Donna found her a new roommate she really likes. So they dance together and have a good time.

Donna tells Bae and Kitty that she just doesn’t think that Richard is the father because the baby is light-skinned. She thinks Richard needs to get a DNA test before he gets attached to Baby Nova.

Teddy tells Cease that Sky hit him while they were at dinner.

“This time she’s gone too far.” – Teddy

Sky walks up behind Teddy as this point.

She pulls him to the side. She gets honest and says seeing him being with other women makes her crazy but it’s no excuse for her actions. Sky apologizes for assaulting him and rubs the side of his face.

He tells her that her craziness is what makes him love her. He also accepts her apology.

“I’m always going to forgive her despite my better judgment.” – Teddy

They embrace.

Donna and Sky scrap at Richard’s baby event.

Kevin arrives to the get together with a DNA test. Everyone pushes Sky to get the baby’s saliva for the DNA test. She refuses to do this and says that she doesn’t want to be messy.

So Tatiana is the next person they ask to do a DNA test on the baby.

She walks up to the baby while Richard is holding her and collects some saliva for the test. But she slips up and tells Richard that Baby Nova looks like him despite what everyone is saying.

Richard gets mad and asks her who is saying that. He then demands to know who has been talking reckless about Baby Nova and Nikki. He’s ready to slap whoever is responsible.

This gets the group’s attention but no one is speaking up.

Sky then says that it was Jadah, Donna, Alex, Bae and Kitty.

In a green screen interview, Donna says Sky has some nerve calling them out when she’s the first one who suggested Richard needed to take a DNA test.

Donna then says that Sky was saying it too. Sky gets in Donna’s face.

“Don’t walk up to me Sky.” – Donna

Sky pushes her and they come to blows.


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  1. Donna’s outfit is the same one she had in that bathroom video. So she slept with Alex at that party.

  2. Sky is lucky Teddy didn’t hit her back too. She’s a habitual line stepper and I’m tired of people giving her passes.

  3. I have been waiting for Donna or somebody to square up with Sky. I know Donna has done it in the past but she’s been acting scared of Sky all season.

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