K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton’s Beef Gets Even Nastier

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Tensions between singers K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton seem to have subtly escalated since the refueling of their beef last week.

This time, both seemingly have taken low blows towards one another. Tamar criticized K. Michelle not raising her oldest child full-time. Meanwhile in response, K. Michelle had a bit of story time featuring a possible rumor about Tamar and an Atlanta music executive.

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  1. Both of these women need to grow up. They are too delusional to see how alike they actually are. Both are messy, and sit on social media throwing shade all day instead of being tunnel vision about their actual music careers. It’s like they don’t really know how to do anything outside of be reality stars. A truly focused singer would not be online being messy all day everyday.

  2. What annoys me about Tamar is she always throws shade and pretends she didn’t. At least K stands by hers.

  3. Tamar is mad that her career did not take off like she thought it was. Now she is going broke and will be known as a one hit wonder. Vince was doing good until he got with Tamar but that’s what happens when you break up a relationship. Vince had a girlfriend but the Muppet ran her off. And as for Tamars mother she was all good with Vince until his money got funny.

  4. Both of these broads are annoying and not likeable 99% of the time. Both are known for beefs more than their actual music. That’s a problem.

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