Traci Braxton Talks Tamar Booting Her from Toni’s Tour

Toni Braxton originally planned to go on a tour with her sisters Traci and Tamar.

Traci was really excited to hit the road because she is dropping a new album.

However, it was reported that Tamar had Traci kicked off the tour.

According to the report, Traci and Tamar clashed because Traci called Tamar out about her messy relationship with Vince.

Not too long after the report went viral, it was later reported that Tamar was also dropped from the tour. And Toni plans to look for replacements very soon.

During a recent interview with V-103, when Frank Ski asked Traci what caused Tamar to have her booted from Toni’s tour, she said she has no idea:

Your guess is as good as mine’s.

When Ski asked if Traci was upset about her removal, she said she’s not upset at all:

No. Why should I? Why should I? Maybe it wasn’t for me during that time.

Check out the video below.

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    1. Of course she knows, she was all hyped talking about going on the tour now she understands, she is beyond fake to me, all of them are BORING, Tamar however is sickening & she ought to be sick of herself.

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