‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Ralph Angel Takes a DNA Test

Photo Credit: OWN

By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s premiere of “Queen Sugar,” Ralph Angel learns if he’s the father of his son Blue. Meanwhile, Blue acts out due to frustration from being without his mom Darla.

Charley reveals the truth behind her decision to make a deal with Jacob and the Landrys. Nova also must make a decision about a book deal.

Lastly, a protest breaks out at their rivalry basketball game during the national anthem, drawing boos from the rival school. This as Charley learns the identity of the officer who assaulted Micah.

Here’s the recap for, “A Rock; A River; A Tree.”

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  1. Ralph Angel is always crying and sulking. Yes, Darla messed up but that happened when she was on drugs. He needs to grow up and forgive her for the sake of their child. He doesn’t have to be with her but treating her like trash is not going unnoticed by Blue.

  2. I love that Charley is always playing chess. While I feel sorry for Ralph Angel, I actually feel even worse for Darla. By being honest, she kind of lost everything again. Had she kept the paternity of Blue to herself, she’d be getting married still and accepted by the Bordelons. It sucks when doing the right thing will still cost you.

    1. Don’t forget she also lost her job too because Charley fired her after it came out that Ralph may not be Blue’s daddy. She wasted no time either. Savage. LOL.

  3. Darla needs to continue to look at the man in the mirror… SO! What! RA made the right decision, yes she was on drugs, but damn! Hollywood rescued the Blue while Darla was doing a trick with Blue RIGHT next to her, Blue was so thirsty, he was drinking the mans sweat! (Wood said it) Darla got what Darla got!

    Love Charley playing chess! she gonna get the Landrys!

    Love Hollywood!! GREAT BROTHA MAN portrayal!! Love Aunt Vi!! I love the cast Really great!!

    Deondre T Whitfiled surprised me!! good job!

  4. I like Darla. She worked her a-s off to get her life together but see how quickly RA and all them abandoned her. It’s nuts to me because all of them have issues too.

    1. Ding ding ding! Ralph Angel was so controlling and selfish when he was with Darla that he cost her that first job she had. I know he’s fine but he wasn’t the best boyfriend/fiancé. It’s honestly for the best they stay broken up. Darla needs stable people in her life outside of Ralph and his family anyway. Especially since their support comes with stipulations.

  5. Unpopular opinion but Nova has the most boring storyline on the show. Last season she spent the whole time trying to figure out if she liked old dude or didn’t like old dude just to have another fling with that married cop in the end. Now she will spend the whole season trying to figure out if she will or won’t do this book deal. Boring!

  6. If a man doesn’t even want to f–k you in his house, you didn’t play your cards right.

  7. Why won’t Vi let Hollywood love her the way she deserves? It’s like she’s afraid of being vulnerable like she’s not allowed to be. She’s allowed to be human and delicate with her man. I hope she realizes that soon.

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