Will Ralph Angel Ever Forgive Darla? Kofi Siriboe Speaks

Photo Credit: OWN

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ralph Angel’s engagement to Darla ended after she confirmed that Blue may not be his biological son.

He’s been struggling as a parent since.

And on the season three premiere of “Queen Sugar,” RA took a DNA test and it was confirmed that he is not Blue’s biological father.

With the situation being so devastating, is it possible that Ralph Angel could forgive Darla in the near future?

Kofi Siriboe addressed this in an interview.

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  1. He loves her and will forgive her. Why? Because Darla got pregnant with Blue while she was on drugs. And I believe she was raped. She said she was high at a party. You can’t give consent when you’re under the influence of drugs.

  2. I took issue with how selfish Ra could be. He really expected a recovering addict to skip out of work to help him with his farm. That was wrong on so many levels and she lost her job trying to make him happy. So for Charley to just fire her like that for something that happened years ago, wasn’t cool. And he stood by and watched it happen. So even though I loved them together, I’d be okay with Darla moving on with her life and getting into a much healthier relationship with someone else.

  3. My issue with Ralph Angel as a character is he is always sulking about something. I’d like to have a season when he’s not sulking. Can the writers make that happen please?

  4. i did not think they were going to make Blue out to be someone else’s child for real…i’m mad about that

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