Watch: Pepa Brushes off the Fact That Egypt’s Boyfriend Has Two Kids

Egypt and Sam are so serious that the couple decided to move in together.

When Sam bet Briana, he confirmed that he actually has two kids, and this is just one red flag for Egypt’s cousin Tee Tee.

Another issue Tee Tee has with Sam is she isn’t so sure he isn’t an opportunist.

When Troy tells Tee Tee that Sam dogged out his baby mama and has a reputation of using people to advance himself, Tee Tee went back to Pepa and spilled the tea.

However, Pepa doesn’t think Sam is a bad guy at all, and had good things to say about him in an interview.

In an interview with Access Online, Pepa described Sam as a good person and stated that she’s okay with him being with Egypt because she knows for a fact that he’s a great father.

Here’s what she had to say:

Things happen. I know he’s a great guy. He has her back and that’s what I am concerned about.

I watch him with his children. He’s amazing. I can see the relationship that he has with his son a lot. I’m looking like okay that’s what you want. If they end up being serious one day later on in her 30s or something and they have children, I know already he’s a good dad. He’s there.

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