‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Nikki Calls Out Charmaine

Black Ink Crew Chicago Nikki
Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

The former 9 Mag Tattoo team, and their associates appear to be strongly divided.

On one side, you have Ryan and Rachel along with Phor and his girl Nikki. And the other, you have Charmaine, Danielle, Lily and Van.

The source of the division  resides with Ryan removing 9 Mag from its original Black Ink Crew Chicago location, leaving behind Van, Charmaine, Lily and the others. Ryan is also accused of vandalizing the location as he moved out, damaging Van’s tattoo booth.

As the debate rages surrounding if Ryan damaged the shop, the division also appears to be dividing friends. This goes for Charmaine and Nikki.

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  1. i beg to differ… Nikki is very immature and it shows at every appearance in the show. this chick is verbally and physically abuses to Phor her immaturity level is over the top!!!

    1. Yep, her and Phor’s relationship is toxic. She’s going to mess up his music career if it actually goes somewhere cuz she’s insecure, ratchet, has a bad temper, and a loose cannon. He dont need to be around that if he wants to flourish. I just hope she dont get pregnant.

  2. Nikki shouldn’t be speaking bcuz she’s just an extra on the show, and clearly wears the pants in her and Phor’s relationship.

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