Watch: Lily Learns Danielle’s Fiancé Cheated with Cobra’s Ex in Cabo

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

We’re only a few episodes into season 4 of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” and already the drama has been in overdrive.

On tonight’s episode, not only does Don fight with Ashley to keep his family together, Danielle’s fiancé Terrence gets caught up. In a preview for the episode, Lily and Cobra’s ex Velvet have a sit-down.

During their conversation, Velvet reveals she and Terrence had a fling while they all were in Cabo last season. Terrence apparently has been keeping in touch since they left Cabo.

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  1. So let me get this straight. This Velvet chick had no problem getting on her knees for a taken man but now she has morals and wants Danielle to know the truth and not marry him? How laughable.

  2. This entire episode was a mess! Four is clearly in an abusive relationship with a bipolar crazy woman, and as much as I love Don he’s wrong for trying to embarrass that girl the way he did. yes she showed up at his spot out of the blue but if she really is pregnant by him and he’s ignoring her calls I would show up out of the blue wherever I can find you too! at the end of the day he cheated on his wife he made the decision to sleep with her don’t get mad at her now because she won’t go away, this entire situation is HIS fault! and they should not have put that pregnant girl in that position when she can get ganged up on and things thrown in her face and people trying to attack her. His wife is a fool for dealing with that mess. He doesn’t even care about her he never once said I love you I want to work it out, I want to be with you, the only time he show emotion is when she say she’s taking his kids away. And Ryan’s girlfriend seems more concerned that the suprise wasn’t directly for her she showed no support or excitement about the fact that he’s about to open up his own shop again. Smdh

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