‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Don Confronts His Mistress + A Scuffle Ensues

Ryan gets some motivation from Junior.

Junior knows he made the right decision by leaving 9 Mag.

Especially since he got into it with Lily, again, at the party.

Ryan comes by Junior’s new place of employment to check on him.

“I heard what you did when you left the shop.” – Junior

“I had to remove myself from all that sh*t, bruh.” – Ryan

Junior says it’s been rumored all around town that Ryan had a mental breakdown and he tries to convince Ryan to fight for his business.

After Junior tells Ryan he looks up to him considering he’s a business owner, it causes Ryan to do some reflecting.

Don wants Ashley to stay but she sticks to her guns.

Ashley comes back to the house to find Don on the couch.

They have a cold exchange and Don is upset that Ashley wants to move her and the kids to Texas.

“I don’t want to be here. I want to go to Texas. And I want to take the kids with me.” – Ashley

Don gets outraged and says Ashley has no right to take the kids with her. But she’s convinced she should take the kids to Texas to live with her brother.

But Don says that Ta’Shay isn’t telling the truth and is lying to break them up.

He apologizes for hurting Ashley and says he will go broke just to keep his family in Chicago.

“I’ma find a way to be a better husband. I’ma find a better way to be a father.” – Don

With him raising two sons, Don refuses to allow his sons to grow up without him being around. He gets angry as he realizes that his pleads are not doing anything to change Ashley’s mind.

“F*ck you!” – Don

Ashley tells him she made her choice and she gets up to leave.

The group says goodbye to 9Mag.

Back at the original 9Mag shop, everyone is there to pack up their things.

It’s a surreal moment for everyone.

“I am closer to my 9Mag family than my own family.” – Van

“I’m trying to be optimistic but 9Mag is all I had.” – Lily

The group gives out hugs to one another before leaving the shop one last time.

Terrence and Danielle have known each other for 15 years.

They go wedding registry shopping and Charmaine joins them as they look at fancy dishes and kitchen utensils.

Van is now putting his focus into his clothing brand, Chicagorilla.

He’s busy at work designing some new T-shirts for the brand. His plan is to make it a massive success.

Charmaine visits and gives him props on his business.

Apparently Van has a fashion show coming up and 1000 people will be in attendance. He asks Charmaine to host the show and she happily accepts.

After she farts, he kicks her out.

Nikki makes things right with Phor.

Phor is hard at work in the studio.

He’s recording a new track. He’s hoping to work away all the stress.

Nikki walks into the studio session. She gets in the recording booth, and is completely regretful of going off on him after he told her he needs to relocate to LA for his music career.

So she raps an apology to him.

Phor tries his hardest not to laugh but isn’t successful.

She’s now going to fully support his move to LA. They kiss.

After his conversation with Junior, Ryan is determined to find a new shop home for 9 Mag.

A regular client comes in and tells him she was confused to see he left the original 9Mag shop. She is getting a cover up tattoo, which Ryan appreciates doing in his time of revamping 9Mag.

Don knows he has to do something soon.

Phor and Nikki have a silly and romantic night at home after making up in the studio.

He kisses on her toes in front of their dogs. Don interrupts their light moment and says he’s downstairs.

With Don not being a drop by person, Phor know something is really wrong.

Don comes in and tells them that Ta’Shay is telling a lot of lies. He doesn’t believe that she’s really pregnant with his child.

Nikki and Phor are in shock.

Don says he feels like Ta’Shay is playing a game and trying to ruin his marriage. And with Ashley trying to move to Texas, he feels he has to confront Ta’Shay immediately.

Phor tells Don to handle the situation before he loses Ashley for good. Nikki agrees.

Velvet returns and spills some tea.

Lily is enjoying having the place all to herself since Cobra is away in Houston.

The doorbell rings and it’s Cobra’s ex boo Velvet.

“What brings you around?” – Lily

Apparently Velvet was hoping to catch up with Cobra but she makes some small talk with Lily instead.

After Lily tells her that Danielle just got engaged to Terrence, Velvet seems stunned.

“That’s big. When did she get engaged?” – Velvet

Velvet tells Lily that Terrence has been texting her. Plus, she says they had an “oral” moment while the group was in Cabo. He’s been communicating with her since.

Velvet admits she knows she was wrong but she doesn’t feel like Terrence feels any regret at all about his actions.

She doesn’t want Danielle to marry Terrence because he’s a liar and a cheater.

“She needs to know that her n*gga is a cheater.” – Velvet

Lily tells Velvet to tell Danielle in a way that won’t cause a scene.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure I come correct.” – Velvet

Ryan moves forward with his plan.

Ryan takes Rachel on a drive to show her a surprise. She’s blindfolded and anxious to see what it is.

“Is it a house? You got me a house?” – Rachel

He helps her out the car and removes the blindfold.

It’s a mystery building.

“This is 9Mag. A newer 9Mag.” – Ryan

“I mean…okay.” – Ryan

They go in and he shows her around.

“I found me a new 9Mag.” – Ryan

“That was fast.” – Rachel

He shows her where everything is going to be and tells her his ideas of decorating the new shop.

“I mean if you like it, I like it.” – Rachel

He tells her he will do things a lot differently. He wants a completely new staff.

“New team. New space.” – Rachel

Velvet confronts Terrence.

Van has his fashion show for Chicagorilla.

He’s feeling the pressure financially to succeed with the clothing brand. He needs to sell more merchandise as soon as possible.

The gang is there to support, including Danielle and her boo Terrence. Lily says in a green screen interview that it’s taking everything in her to not repeat what Velvet told her.

Everyone is confused to see Velvet arrive.

Phor hopes there won’t be any more drama.

Velvet tells Lily that Danielle has a right to know the truth about Terrence. This annoys Lily because she didn’t want Velvet to do it in a messy way.

When Velvet sees Danielle and Terrence, she congratulates Danielle on the ring. She then tells Terrence that she sees he hasn’t texted her back.

This confuses Danielle.

“Tell your girl what we did in Mexico. You want to see the truth?” – Velvet

Danielle thinks Velvet is a manipulative liar and she will have some questions for Terrence when they get home. They leave abruptly.

Regardless, Van’s fashion show is a success.

He’s beginning to feel like the sky is the limit.

Don gets Ta’shay to tell the whole truth.

Apparently Ta’shay is in attendance too. This angers Don and she walks up to him to have a conversation.

He requests they talk upstairs in front of everybody. She agrees.

Don tells her in front of everyone that he told Ashley that they did sleep together. However, she’s lying about how long they have been dealing with each other. He’s only known her for a couple of months. He says she’s known for being a liar.

“I already told my wife whatever. Slept with you, all that goofy sh*t. All this other sh*t that you spread is what’s pissing me off…Be 100 G. You told my wife I known you and been talking to you since 2016. I only known you since July. You know I never knew you until I did your piercing, G.” – Don

He says the abortion receipts she showed Ashley are a lie. That wasn’t money for an abortion. She admits she lied.

“Case in point, you’re pulling up lies with these weak a*s receipts. You’re lying and saying that I paid for an abortion. Correct or not?” – Don

“Correct.” – Ta’shay

“The fact is this. I met you in July. I did your piercing. And yes I did sleep with you. And that was a f*cking mistake. But don’t act like it was bigger than that. I never led you on. I never told you I wanted to be with you…” – Don

“We made that clear.” – Ta’shay

“End of the day, this ain’t what I f*cking want. Think I want my kids separated? You think I want my house f*cked up? No I don’t. You tried to create a consistency system between me and you that didn’t exist. Ta’shay let’s not play this game.” – Don

After Don says this, a female friend standing next to him interjects.

“I think you just a thirsty b*tch.” – Don’s female friend

Don tries to talk the female friend out of going off on Ta’shay.

“Man, don’t do it. Shorty not even worth it.” – Don

Don’s female friend then throws a drink on Ta’shay and a scuffle ensues. Security intervenes.

He says in a green screen interview that he hopes the baby is not his.

Why are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Okay she lied about the abortion but how is Don going to talk down to her like he didn’t willingly cheat on his wife to be with her? All I could do is shake my head at the fact that he’s trying to paint her like some lying trollop . N-gga you still cheated on your wife and you still ain’t sh-t!

  2. As always, people are more mad at the female than the man for cheating. Don is married. People should be more outraged at him. Throwing drinks at a pregnant woman and trying to square up with her like Don wasn’t a grown man who decided to have an affair is corny.

  3. If Don is so concerned with keeping his family together then he needs to stop cheating on his wife. Don’t say you don’t want your family separated but you’re out here cheating left and right and have been since y’all got together. If your family a meters to you, act like it and be a good husband and father. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. His friend was lame as f-ck. She should have thrown that drink at Don’s hoe a-s. He’s been sharing his d-ck all around Chicago for years now. He’s the problem. Not one side chick out of many.

  5. Didn’t Ashley come out her own mouth and say Don wouldn’t be able to afford paying child support if this baby is his? So it sounds like he may be broke. How are you broke and still find the audacity to put your wife though this? That’s insane to me.

  6. Both are wrong for having this affair. Now I have to question if it’s really Don’s baby. Something tells me it’s not.

  7. I’m annoyed by how Don is trying to play victim in all of this. The only victims here are Ashley and the kids. Don needs to have a stadium of seats acting high and mighty like he didn’t upload the video of him getting top from someone else on the internet himself.

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