‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Davis Reveals Another Secret + Darla Takes a Stand

Photo Credit: OWN

By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s “Queen Sugar,” lots of secrets were shared.

Firstly, Charley learns the Landry’s business moves will hurt someone close to her. Meanwhile, Aunt Vi struggles to accept Hollywood’s business proposition and Davis tells Micah another deep secret.

Lastly, Ralph Angel and Darla come face to face and Nova shares a secret with Remy.

Here’s the recap for, “No Heaven in My Shadow.”

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  1. I’m not feeling Ralph Angel getting with the Asian chick next week. I may be in the minority but I want him with Darla.

    1. They would f-ck up Nova’s character if they did that. That’s some soap opera sh-t anyway. Bad writing.

  2. Davis just cannot get it together. Each time I think it’s some growth with him, I regret being so naive later. Of course he has a secret kid. Why would he not? He’s such a dog. Anyway, Charley needs to give that doctor a shot. But I have a feeling she’s going to end up with Jacob smh.

  3. I can see from the preview for next week that I’m going to be really irritated. For one, Ralph Angel is moving on from Darla way too fast. He was just engaged a few weeks ago. Take a minute to reflect and be single dude. And I feel so bad for Micah. He really can’t catch a break between the craziness from both of his parents plus that terrible encounter with the cop. I hope he doesn’t have a breakdown.

  4. Don’t tell me yall are surprised Nova is about to creep with her sister’s ex boyfriend. Remember she was sleeping with a married man when the show first started. That’s why I roll my eyes at her when she tries to be the moral police with Charley and Darla. She’s a hypocrite and hides her messiness behind her activism. She’s such an annoying character.

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