GUHH Recap: Briana Hosts An Intervention For Boogie + Briana Clashes With Pepa

Briana and Tee Tee clash and Troy admits spreading the rumor about Sam.

The episode opens with Briana pulling Egypt, Sam, Troy and Tee Tee aside to address a rumor about her and Sam. When she gets them all together, Briana asks if Sam said Briana flirted with him.

When Sam was asked, he acted shocked. Troy jumps in and said he Told Briana that she flirted with him directly. Sam then points at Tee Tee, alluding that the information came from her. But Tee Tee immediately shuts that down.

“I know for once, it didn’t come from my mouth. So I have nothing to do with this.” – Tee Tee

As this goes on, Egypt sits back confused about what happened. She stands by the fact that Sam didn’t tell anyone that rumor about Briana.

Briana, irritated over no one admitting to it, tries to walk away. But Tee Tee wanted to keep talking.

“Briana opened up this can of worms and decided to run away. I just wanted to finish talking about it.” – Tee Tee

As a result, Briana and Tee Tee get into it outside of Pepa’s house. Eventually, Briana walks away, flipping Tee Tee her middle finger.

When she leaves, everyone continues the conversation with Pepa. Troy says that Briana flirted with Sam. Pepa asked who “said it?”

“I said it!” – Troy

Jojo revels what Romeo wants from a relationship

Angela and Jojo hang out in LA at a coffee shop, where they come across a photo book of their family. When they come across a photo of her and her ex, Angela brushes it off. She then tells Jojo about the trip with Romeo to Orlando. Jojo calls it a date, but Angela brushes that off too. However, Jojo seems to know what Romeo wants.

“Romeo wants a relationship.” – Jojo

Briana wants to plan an intervention with Boogie

Briana is with her friend shopping for tarot cards. She’s setting up for her releasing ceremony during the blue full moon. So she sends out a group text and most of the group accepts the invitation, except Tee Tee.

Briana then loops that into the conversations she had with both Pepa and Tee Tee. She tells her friend how Dame blames Pepa giving Boogie a drink, allegedly beginning his latest spiral. Briana then recalls how Boogie called him at 9 AM high.

After that, Briana wants to meet with Dame to set up an intervention. She realized how serious the drug issue is for him and doesn’t want to lose another friend.

Angela and Vanessa brainstorm a business opportunity.

Meanwhile, Angela and Vanessa are hanging out together. Angela is excited about working with her sister on something impactful. She’s interested in doing a mommy blog. But Vanessa doesn’t think it could work, as she’s afraid Angela could ditch her and the project. Angela didn’t show up to her fashion show earlier.

But for now, they brainstorm on how to set up their mommy blog.

Briana stops by Dame’s house to propose her idea of an intervention. Dame agrees but wants a professional to get involved. She tells Dame that she’s going to have her therapist involved and meet with his family.

She’s nervous that Boogie would hate her for setting it up, but Dame and his wife have her back.

Pepa is done with Troy.

Egypt and Sam meet Tee Tee at a restaurant. Pepa will meet their later, but until then, they recapped the game night. They didn’t know how serious Dame’s issue is with Boogie. However, Tee Tee didn’t like how Dame acted towards Pepa.

When Pepa shows up, Sam brings up how Troy is always causing mess. As a result, Pepa is done with Troy, for now.

“Troy violated code, and now you’re out.” – Pepa

She’s said Troy disrespected her for “coming after Egypt.”

Egypt brings up Briana’s releasing ceremony and Tee Tee said she’s not going. Pepa wants to talk to Briana and Boogie about what happened with Dame at the party.

A new business opportunity for Angela could interfere with Vanessa’s plans.

Angela meets with her associate Willie to talk about a collaboration with Coogi. Willie’s excited to work with her. Angela wants to do a workout like collaboration and Willie likes the idea. However, Willie wants Angela to sign a non-compete clause. This causes her pause because she doesn’t want to step on Vanessa’s toes.

Briana and Pepa clash at the releasing ceremony.

It’s the night of Briana’s releasing ceremony and Boogie shows up. Briana’s glad to see him and she wants him to let go of whatever is causing him to use drugs. They perform the ceremonial items on him. Egypt and Sam show up with Pepa and Aundre.

They pull out bottles of wine, and Briana has them put them away as they go against the spirit of the ceremony. Next, Briana has them quietly write down what they want to release into the bonfire.

Boogie says he releases all of the bad influences that cause him to drink. Pepa uses this to bring up to Boogie how Dame confronted her. Boogie says it wasn’t her fault. Pepa then uses this as an opportunity to vent about being blamed for Boogie’s struggles. She also says that Boogie needs to learn how to be around liquor and not be influenced.

When Pepa rejoins the group, Pepa and Aundre open up their bottles of wine, which irritates Briana. Briana says that Pepa brought bad spirits to the ceremony.

“I always bring good spirits.” – Papa

“You always bring spirits…’ – Briana

That comment angers Pepa who pours her cup of champagne into the fire. She then goes off on Briana for being smart right back at her.

“How are you gonna talk like that cleanser?” – Pepa

Eventually, she leaves with Egypt, Tee Tee and Sam, and Briana says she needs to release more after that interaction.

Angela and Romeo enjoy their date.

The next day, Vanessa and Jojo are indoor rock climbing. Jojo isn’t having a good time climbing the walls, and Vanessa laughs at his antics. When they’re done, they go off to talk about Angela. Jojo says he told Angela to focus on being single.

“You don’t have to be in a relationship. You can be happy by yourself.” – Jojo

As Jojo and Vanessa talk, Angela is in Orlando with Romeo. They are at an Orlando Magic basketball game, and they share parts of their night on Instagram. As they sit court-side, they record their night, causing speculation on social media. Tee Tee sees this, and she brushes it off. Jojo sees it too and he thinks something is really serious going on.

Vanessa thinks they are real cute together.

After the game, Master P takes Angela and Romeo to a party, and they are all networking. Angela is having a good time, and Romeo is glad Angela is his date for the evening.

“I knew we would have an amazing night.” – Romeo

When they leave, they both head back to the hotel.

“The fun isn’t over yet.” – Angela

They’re last seen entering a hotel room together.

Briana takes Boogie to his intervention.

Dame, his girlfriend Rocky and his daughter Ava, and Kristinia arrive for Boogie’s intervention. They meet and greet Briana’s therapist and other professionals at the event. They brief Dame as to how they should proceed at the intervention. This includes not arguing with Boogie.

Meanwhile, Briana has Boogie in the limo on the way to intervention. She’s doing her best to keep Boogie in the dark about the intervention.

Dame tells the therapist that if Boogie doesn’t go to rehab, their family won’t be on GUHH anymore.

“If he doesn’t have the check, he won’t have a life.” – Dame

He feels if he can cut off Boogie’s money, he can strongly influence Boogie getting off the drugs.

Boogie arrives to the hotel, and Briana tells Boogie he’s going to a listening party. She’s nervous about the intervention because Kristinia was invited to the intervention.

The episode ends with Boogie arriving with Briana to the intervention.

“Is this like an intervention or something?” – Boogie

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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