‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Danielle Confronts Terrence + Ryan Moves On

Everyone learns about Ryan’s new plans.

The gang goes out for a good time. They have some drinks together and play a little ping pong.

Charmaine alerts the group that Ryan is now looking for new interns for his new tattoo shop. She shows everyone the post.

“He put it on social media for the whole world to see.” – Charmaine

Phor questions why Charmaine is upset by this and she says that all of them contributed to the beginning of 9Mag. Nikki also tries to interject and defend Ryan.

When Charmaine refuses to let anyone else speak, Phor gets mad and throws a chair.

He says he’s tired of talking about Ryan and it’s time for them to make their own moves.

Lily says she is struggling to build her client base without the shop.

“I still need this team to work together.” – Lily

Phor and Don remind her that they can all work together to move forward. The 9Mag name may be gone but they can start another shop.

Everyone agrees that this is a good plan.

Meanwhile, Ryan is getting a sign ready for an upcoming tattoo convention.

He’s excited to bring 9Mag back, fresh and be innovative. Having a completely new staff is also something for him to look forward to.

“Ain’t nobody gonna miss the old 9Mag.” – Ryan

He has a bonding moment with his new tattoo team.

Don is forced to accept Ashley’s decision.

Ashley meets with Don at a restaurant with Don Jr.

When Don gets there, it’s pretty cold between him and Ashley.

She reminds him that they have to be cordial for their kids. She’s going to only take their youngest son Ashton to Texas. She feels it’s important that Don Jr. aka DJ’s routine isn’t changed. So he will be staying in Chicago with Don.

Don then says that the kids should not be separated from each other despite their relationship issues.

But Ashley thinks it’s fair for her to only take Ashton to Texas.

“I’m your kids father. There is no getting away from it.” – Don

Ashley says she feels it’s best to stick with her plan and Don can’t change her mind. Don is angry but feels he has no choice but to go along with everything for now.

When Ashley begins to leave, DJ begins to shed some tears.

Lily has a plan.

The gang decides to meet up at Van’s Chicagorilla shop to discuss the next move.

Lily tells them that she has an idea. She figures they should attend the upcoming Chicago Tattoo Convention to raise funds to start a new shop.

With the competition at the convention being thick, Van feels like they have to bring their A game so they can have success.

Everyone agrees that this is a great idea.

They also feel that their new shop should not have a boss and everyone just needs to pull their own weight.

The new shop name will be Loyal Ink.

Phor says that everyone should stay true to the name and be loyal to one another.

Lily pulls Charmaine to the side and tells her about what Velvet said about Danielle’s fiance.

After Lily shows her the screenshots she got from Velvet of Terrence’s text message conversation with Velvet, Charmaine plans to talk to Danielle immediately.

Van learns of his daughter’s new boyfriend.

Van has some pizza for dinner with Jenn and his daughter Brianna. He gets curious when he notices someone is constantly texting her by the name of Aaron.

His daughter blushes and says he “like a friend.”

“What does that mean?” – Van

“I got a boyfriend, dad.” – Brianna

With his daughter being 16, he feels she’s too young for a boyfriend. He demands to meet her boyfriend pronto.

Charmaine spills the tea to Danielle.

She calls Danielle over to her place.

They get right into a conversation about the allegations Velvet made at Van’s fashion show.

Danielle says that Terrence keeps telling her that he didn’t do anything with Velvet. But Charmaine shows her the five pages worth of text message conversations between Terrence and Velvet.

The last exchange was just two weeks ago.

In a green screen interview, Danielle says men are “filthy dogs” and she must confront Terrence soon.

Van meets his daughter Brianna’s boyfriend, Aaron.

When Van notices that Aaron has tattoos already, he wastes no time intimidating him with his friends…all are fathers just like Van. They give Aaron rules to follow on his movie date with Brianna.

“There will be no physical contact in this show at all.” – Van

This of course embarrasses Brianna.

Danielle confronts Terrence.

When Terrence arrives to their home, he’s uncomfortable from being greeted by Danielle while she’s cooking with a sharp knife.

“You had a good day at work?” – Danielle

After they sit down, she asks him if there’s anything he needs to tell her.

“Terrence, don’t play with me.” – Danielle

She then tells him about all the text messages she read between him and Velvet.

“Danielle, I f*cked up.” – Terrence

He tells her he loves her and he wants to marry her despite what happened with Velvet.

Terrence denies that anything s*xual happened with Velvet. He says that all they have been doing is text messaging each other.

She takes off her engagement ring and storms out.

Ryan clashes with Van, Charmaine and Lily at the tattoo convention.

It’s the day of the Chicago Tattoo Convention.

The gang is determined to successfully launch Loyal Ink.

However, Phor misplaced his paperwork and frantically leaves to retrieve it. This frustrates Charmaine but she hops on the microphone to promote their new brand regardless.

Don says he has to leave and pick up Don Jr.

Annoyed, Charmaine says the group must go on.

Not too long after, Charmaine and Danielle peep Ryan with his new 9Mag crew around the corner.

They turn away without Ryan seeing them and fume.

Ceaser is at the convention and greets Ryan. He tells him that starting a new shop is something he can’t take back. But Ryan says he stands by his decision.

Charmaine goes back to the gang and tells them she saw Ryan with a new 9Mag crew.

“That’s some b*tch a*s sh*t.” – Van

Everyone is heated.

Lily walks over and asks to have a conversation with Ryan.

Ryan tells Lily he had to leave because things got too toxic. Lily said she never was disrespectful and everyone didn’t deserve him abandoning the shop.

However, Ryan doesn’t back down and says no one was loyal to him. So Lily storms off.

Charmaine and Van then walk up to confront Ryan. Rachel immediately takes a shot at Charmaine.

“The b*tch is here!” – Rachel

“Don’t speak to me.” – Charmaine

Van calls out Ryan for leaving everyone to fend for themselves and Ryan makes it clear that he did what he felt was best.

Both continue to argue and Van just walks off in anger.

Charmaine runs behind Van and begs him to stay cool and not go off at the convention. So they both decide to leave.

Outside the venue, Charmaine continues to try to calm Van down to no avail.

Inside the convention, Rachel tells Ryan he did what he had to do. Ryan agrees and says he and Van don’t have to be friends ever again.

“I’m ready to smack that b*tch in the head!” – Van

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I am so over Van and Charmaine, they are annoying. This is a business and all the other stuff can fall to the side. Too much drama, and Charmaine really thinks she is all that. These people needs some humble pie!!!

  2. Again, can anyone tell me what Charmaine’s actual job is at the shop? How is she so salty about Ryan leaving when she never did any work or contributed anything? She’s the last person that needs to feel some type of way about anything.

  3. All of the parties and inappropriate behaviors at a place of business was very unprofessional to say the least.You can either be a boss and run a business or be a friend(and look at their end results),you however can NOT be BOTH.Thank you,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

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