‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Nova & Remy Go There + Charley Crosses the Line

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Queen Sugar,” the Bordelon siblings make some major moves when it comes to their love lives.

Remy and Nova finally act on their growing feelings for one another while Charley has a breakdown after Davis tells her about his secret 13-year-old daughter.

After Charley finds out the news of Davis’ daughter, she finds comfort in Jacob’s lips.

And Ralph Angel vibes with Trinh while Darla is still getting the silent treatment from the rest of the family.

Here’s a recap of “A Little Lower Than Angels.”

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  1. Yeah I don’t like the direction the writers are taking this season. This episode was horrible. It reminded me so much of a Tyler Perry production. Nova and Remy together is just gross and wrong. And I’m disgusted they have Charley kissing Jacob like there isn’t a handsome and single doctor still out there waiting to take her out on a date.

  2. I’m not at all surprised that Nova is doing what she’s doing with Remy. She’s the same one who was sleeping with a married cop in the beginning. She’s a walking contradiction just like Remy. Match made in heaven with those two hypocrites.

  3. Nova is a true, selfish thot. I’m done with her. And I never liked Remy. He’s always been judgmental, corny know it all. All they have ever done is try to make Charley feel awful about herself when they ain’t all that either.

  4. I loved this episode because the most holier thou people were exposed. Nova and Remy are my least favorite characters.

  5. So while Vi and Hollywood act like they are to good to speak to Darla, Nova is out here about t f-ck her sister’s ex boyfriend. Man if they don’t get the f-ck out of here. None of them are flawless.

  6. This episode was just…weird. I don’t like how they made it seem like Charley had nobody to turn to and ran into Jacob’s arms because people didn’t answer her phone call. So now Jacob is like some white knight or whatever when he’s really sh-tty like the rest of his family. And for Nova to be all BLM and kiss Remy, man that’s just terrible writing. How can you be all about morals and do that to your sister? None of this makes sense. And I can’t even accept that Hollywood would ignore Violet too. You can tell they have a new showrunner again because none of the characters have been true to themselves all season long.

  7. Charley has met her match. Jacob is playing her like a fiddle. She doesn’t realize that he’s the white and male version of her. And I knew Nova and Remy would end up messing around. Nova is in a one sided competition with Charley and always has been. Now that she already has Micah preferring her over Charley, it’s only makes sense that Remy would be next on her list.

  8. No shade but the new show runner is a white woman. That’s where all this swirling stuff is coming from.

    1. LMBO! To be fair, we still gotta get Ava together for putting the foundation down for this Remy and Nova nonsense last season. I think that storyline is the worst thing about this season.

  9. Am I the only one who is annoyed by Micah’s friends? They are so high and mighty and it’s like they are looking for trouble, not actually protesting or trying to change things. I think Micah is going to get into some real trouble running behind them.

    1. Micah’s friends annoy me to no end. I can see why Keke is barely around now. And Micah is going to get caught up next week yanking that confederate flag off that man’s car.

  10. It’s the third season right? Shows go through this. I won’t stop watching unless the season finale is trash. All of these plots may come together perfectly by the end of the season. And I doubt Nova will actually be in an actual relationship with Remy. She’s going to do the right thing and cut him off.

  11. I’m disappointed like all the other commenters by Nova and Remy crossing the boundaries they have. It is totally unacceptable imo for anyone to be in a relationship with some that a family member used to date or marry. I also agree that one of the boys that Micah is hanging with is a rebel rouser. He is disrespectful, combative and will end up in prison if he doesn’t change.

  12. I have so many mixed feelings about this episode. The first thing is I really don’t get why everyone hates Darla. You can’t love Blue but hate his mother. If Blue is going to remain in their lives, they need to forgive Darla and move forward. It’s not like he won’t figure out that they hate his momma sooner or later. And when he does, he’s not going to want to deal with any of them anymore. He loves his mother a lot. That needs to be respected. Also, they need to remember she’s a recovering addict, the harder they are on her, the likely she could relapse. The fact that none of them care, including Vi and Hollywood, is just weird to me. They both have better morals than that. So I question the writing here.

    Also, I don’t know how to feel about Ralph dating Trinh just yet. He was really a selfish jerk at times towards Darla. If Trinh somehow gets a better version of Ralph than Darla did, I don’t see that sitting well with black viewers.

    I’m worried about Micah. His friends aren’t mature in their activism. It will not end well.

    Charley is forgetting her goal with the Landrys. She doesn’t need to be developing feelings for Jacob. He’s still a snake, no matter how friendly he seems. I think he’s going to really make a fool out of her sooner than later.

    I honestly have realized that I don’t like Remy. He spent the majority of his time in his relationship with Charley judging her. So how did he figure it would be okay to kiss her sister? Maybe he should be the last person to talk about morals from now on.

    And as for Nova, she’s always getting in her own way. That’s not going to stop anytime soon. I just wish she would stop acting like she has a better moral grounding than Charley. That has always been false.

  13. I guess I’m the only one who thinks Remy and Nova getting together is organic. Think about it. They are both very woke, self righteous and driven by a moral code (although Nova has done some very moral less things like sleeping with a married man). So the attraction makes sense. The problem is why did it take Remy years to start feeling Nova? He’s known her longer than Charley. Once he got with Charley, his chances with Nova should have been eliminated. You can’t be out here dating sisters back to back. I just don’t see this working and it’s just going to push Charley and Nova further apart.

  14. Is Ralph Angel not into dark skinned women or something because I’m noticing his character only has flings with darker skinned women and saves the relationships for lighter skin/non black women. What are these writers doing this season?

  15. Im trying to figure out why no one suspected that blue may not have been Ralph Angels from the jump, considering Darla was a drug addict found high and on top of some strange man. I mean it’s common sense that it should have been consider when Blue was a baby.

  16. Nova and Remy just should not be happening…. at all. Sister don’t have to like one another, But there should be some type of loyalty. Charley needs to snap out of it, that white boy up to no good. See how he redirected the workers convo about the mill so Charley would know whats up.

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